New survivor Adam Francis has some clear advantages over other characters, if you utilize him properly!

Dead By Daylight Shattered Bloodline Guide: Surviving As Adam Francis

New survivor Adam Francis has some clear advantages over other characters, if you utilize him properly!
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New Dead By Daylight DLC means its time to try out both another killer and a brand new survivor!

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This time we’ve got the tough as nails Adam Francis, who is all about self-sufficiency and making the best of a bad situation.

You’ll be forgiven if his fondness for tweed, a job as a teacher, and sudden relocation to Japan make you think a black Robert Langdon somehow got stuck in The Grudge.

Below we cover everything you need to know to survive a match as Adam. Wondering how to get a total party wipe as new killer The Spirit instead? Check out our Spirit guide here.

Adam Francis Survivor Guide

Adam is a high risk and reward type survivor. To properly utilize his perks, you want to be in danger and often remain close to the killer or be on the move to heal injured players or pull them off hooks.

That means staying cool under pressure (avoid sprinting) and staying hidden near the killer. You’ve got a leg up in this area over the other survivors.

Even his normal outfit is fairly dark, but picking up the grey business trench coat outfit is amazing for stealth as you can easily blend to into many environments.

Unless the killer is playing with their brightness settings through their video card utility, you can often avoid detection just by staying close to objects of a similar coloration.

Beyond his ability to blend in, Adam has three unique new perks to consider leveling up, and all have their pros and cons.

Diversion has the potential to be awesome, but it really only works if the killer doesn’t have any active perks for seeing auras or otherwise wallhacking.

You need to keep the killer in your sight but not panic and run or draw their attention in any way (so look out for crows that may flutter away and reveal your position).

This perk also has a super long cooldown, and if the killer is an advanced player who knows to ignore diversionary sounds, it won’t make much of a difference anyway.

Deliverance is a bit of a game-changing perk because it has the potential to scare killers away from trying to hook you. 

When players get used to Adam’s abilities, they will know its likely you will get an automatically successful escape attempt. 

The big downside is that you have to unhook another player first, and it’s easy to get stuck in a loop where the killer hangs around a hook to keep re-attaching wriggling survivors.

Autodidact is an odd perk that’s hard to master but becomes very powerful. If you get to five tokens, 80% of the healing progress bar is filled up in a single attempt. That can make Adam the go-to healer in a match.

Since you are meant to be in close proximity to the killer, picking the general perk Spine Chill can be very helpful for Adam. This also doubles as an effective way to counter the Spirit killer introduced in the Shattered Bloodline DLC, since it will give you a warning when she is viewing you while invisible.

There is one big problem with Adam right now that may nix him as your choice for a while. At Coldwind Farm, in particular, Adam sometimes will spawn in the same room as the killer.

This is obviously going to be patched out, but for now be aware its a possibility. A nice player will let you run out to safety to give you a fair shot. A not so nice player, on the other hand, will get himself a free kill immediately.

Have you tried out Adam Francis yet, and what do you think of his survivor perks? Sound off with your survival strategy below, and check out the rest of our Dead By Daylight guides here.

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