Here's how to steal all the guests' secured property in Dead Island 2's Halperin Hotel. They probably don't need it anymore anyway.

Dead Island 2: Halperin Hotel Key Locations

Here's how to steal all the guests' secured property in Dead Island 2's Halperin Hotel. They probably don't need it anymore anyway.

Your second major destination in Dead Island 2‘s guided tour through post-zombie Los Angeles is the (fictional) Halperin Hotel, where you might be able to get in touch with what’s left of Hell-A’s authorities. There are lockboxes to open behind the reception desk, too. To open those, you’ll need to find all the Halperin Hotel keys.

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It’s Not Looting, It’s Salvage: Halperin Hotel’s Safe Deposit Box Key Locations

Let’s manage your expectations straight away. There’s nothing particularly exciting in the Halperin Hotel’s lockboxes, especially if you go back for them at a later point in the game. There isn’t a secret, Challenge, or trophy/achievement for them.

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A single safe deposit box can drop a green-quality weapon, a bunch of useful crafting materials, and/or roughly $60 to 200 in cash.

When you’re starting a new game at level 4 to 6, these are all valuable finds, especially since the boxes tend to drop valuable mats like Alloy, Scrap, and Synthetic Fibers. If you’ve got some experience under your belt, though, there’s nothing here that you need. With that, let’s get to it.

Key #09

Key #09 is on one of the utility tables in the hotel lobby.

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Key #14

Key #14 is in Room 208, on the floor between the bed and dresser. If you’re facing the bed, it’s on your left.

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Key #33

Key #33 is the hardest one to find, and takes a little backtracking.

After you pull the lever in the utility room on the second floor, backtrack to the elevator stop you passed earlier, where you found the Foam Bomb and the “I’ll Be Waiting” journal.

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Now you can hit the elevator’s switch to open the right set of doors (above), which reveals a few zombies and Key #33. If you return to the hotel later in the game, these doors seem to simply be open automatically.

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Key #49

Key #49 is in the ventilation ducts on the third floor. Instead of turning right as you enter, go forward and to the left to find the key in a bloody section of the ductwork.

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Key #53

Finally, Key #53 is in Room 307’s bathroom, next to where Major Booker’s set up her command point.

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You can now proceed to open all the safe deposit boxes in the lobby, which gives you a decent take of money and craft supplies to take with you into Dead Island 2‘s future challenges.

Note that in co-op, if one player picks up a key or keycard, every player gets a copy of it put into their inventory. If you played through the Halperin Hotel in co-op and you can’t find one of these keys, there’s a chance that it’s because you’ve already got it and never noticed.

With that, you know all the Halperin Hotel safe deposit key locations. For more elaborate secrets and guides than this, check out GameSkinny’s other Dead Island 2 guides.

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