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Dead Island 2: Haus – How to Complete Ark of Ascension

Shoot more Dark Brains and take out lots of zombies in the conclusion of Dead Island 2: Haus.

It’s time to conclude your trek through this creepy Malibu manor. Our guide discusses how to complete the Ark of Ascension in Dead Island 2: Haus, from destroying Dark Brains to taking out the undead hordes. 

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How to Complete the Ark of Ascension in Dead Island 2: Haus

To complete the Dead Island 2: Haus Ark of Ascension, you need to destroy all the Dark Brains in the core facility, as well as eliminate the zombies in the last area. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Dead Island 2: Haus has two chapters or acts. The first, The Invitation, has various objectives, such as undertaking the Rites of Passage and entering the Diner area.
  • Ark of Ascension, meanwhile, takes place after The Invitation, well after you’ve figured out what’s going on in the Malibu cult mansion.
  • Initially, it involves going through a narrow passageway filled with zombies. Thankfully, this section is fairly straightforward. Moreover, your Fury Meter will be constantly full, at least until you reach the facility’s core.

Once you arrive at the core, press the button to begin the final encounter. A Dark Brain will become visible in the center of the machinery, so make sure you destroy it using the crossbow. From there, you’ll have to make your way around the facility.

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Dark Brain Locations in the First Section

From the initial area, make your way to the room along the left-hand side. Here’s what you need to do next:

  • There’s a flesh wall at the corridor at the top of the stairs. Activate your Fury and strike it with your melee attacks.
  • Jump on the ledges to your right. You should have a clear line of sight to target the Dark Brain on the other side.
  • There’s also another Dark Brain stuck in the large machine, which becomes visible once you reach the connecting area.

Dark Brain Locations in the Second Section

For this part, you’ll see another device that fills up your Fury Meter. Here are the next steps:

  • Activate Fury and rip apart the zombies, as well as the nearby flesh wall.
  • Follow the narrow corridor until you see a Crusher. Take it out, as well as the brain that’s on the wall behind it.
  • There’s yet another brain that’s stuck in the machine in the connecting area, so destroy it as well.

How to Complete the Final Encounter in the Ark of Ascension

Once the above objectives are completed in the Dead Island 2: Haus Ark of Ascension chapter, you should have access to a small hallway with elevators. One of the elevator shafts leads down to the lower floor, so be ready for a fight. Ideally, you should be armed to the teeth with various legendary weapons from the base game.

When I first did this battle, I noticed that several zombies appeared. These included Runners, Slobbers, Riot Walkers, and even a Mutator. After taking out each wave, I was prompted to destroy the remaining Dark Brains in the machine.

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Here’s an important tidbit: the centrifugal machine has a glass window that continues to spin, shielding the brain completely. To have a clear line-of-sight so you can shoot the brain with your crossbow, you need to wait until you see the broken part of the glass window. You need to eliminate two waves and destroy two brains to finish this encounter.

As an aside, my character unluckily died during this battle (I got hit by poison and couldn’t heal in time). When my character respawned, I noticed that there was another orb device that kept my Fury Meter filled up, which allowed me to clear out the hostiles with ease. I can’t confirm if this is actually part of the encounter since I didn’t see it during my first attempt, or if it only spawns if your character dies once.

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Post-DLC-campaign Activities

In any case, once the Dark Brains and the zombies have been taken care of, you should be able to interact with the core. This triggers a cutscene, as well as the Haus DLC’s ending.

I won’t spoil what happens during this portion. However, I can tell you that more post-campaign activities await. These include a couple of Missing Persons side quests, and a Lost and Found treasure hunt that leads to a unique weapon.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete Ark of Ascension in Dead Island 2: Haus. For more about Hell-A and related DLCs, you can visit our DI2 guides hub.

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