Dead Island 2 Haus: How to Complete the Rites of Passage

Complete these trials in Dead Island 2's Haus DLC.

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Fending off the undead isn’t your only task in Malibu, because you’ll also have to solve some tricky brain teasers. Our guide discusses how to complete the Rites of Passage in Dead Island 2: Haus, so you can finally reach Veronique’s lair. 

How to Complete the Rites of Passage in Dead Island 2: Haus

To complete the Dead Island 2: Haus Rites of Passage, you have to take on the three trials in the village area. Here’s a quick summary:

  • The Rites of Passage is part of the Haus DLC’s first act, known as The Invitation.
  • A character by the name of Vincent tells you that you have to look for Veronique.
  • While I won’t spoil anything about Vincent or Veronique as characters, I can tell you that the doorway to the left of the grand hall will open soon enough. This leads to a suburban village area.
  • As much as possible, try to avoid stepping on the grass. Doing so causes more zombies to spawn.

Rite of Passage 1: How to Destroy a Cherished Item With Fire

The first Rite of Passage in Dead Island 2: Haus requires you to destroy a cherished item with fire. Here’s what you need to know:

  • This takes place inside the first house to your right. Climb the staircase leading to the attic and you’ll see a furnace, but the valve is missing.
  • The valve can be found in the second-floor storage room. It’s on top of a shelf.
  • Once you place the valve in the furnace’s control pipe, you’ll see that flames will spew forth from the machine.
  • To destroy a cherished item, you need to equip and hold any non-unique weapon in your hand. Doing so will show a button prompt that says “sacrifice held weapon.” This will destroy the gear piece that you have in your hand.
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If you only have unique weapons with you, or you can’t bear to part with some of your regular gear, I suggest returning to the hallway leading back to the entrance of the manor. There, you’ll find a storage locker that allows you to grab any other weapons you’ve left behind. I personally just sacrificed a two-handed electric spear that I wasn’t using.

One more thing of note is that certain sections of the facility will go on lockdown if there are zombies around. That means you need to kill any nearby hostiles before you’re able to press buttons just to return to previously visited areas.

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Rite of Passage 2: How to Endure Agony

The next Rite of Passage in Dead Island 2: Haus involves feeling a lot of pain. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Check the house across the street (the one with a door that isn’t locked or covered in Dark Brain tendrils).
  • Head to the basement to find a pool with several dead bodies. The objective will change, telling you to “endure agony.”
  • Go to the attic and pull the switch on the wall. You’ll find a cable that’s gone haywire. The problem is that it’s also detached.
  • You can find a water can inside the house. Once you’re carrying it, pour water on the frayed cable on the floor. This will allow the wires to conduct electricity.
  • Quickly return to the basement and have your character get electrocuted in the pool.

You need to wait until you see the metal gate open, so I suggest using a healing kit to stay alive. However, if your character perishes, you should still find yourself in the basement with the door already open.

Rite of Passage 3: How to Give a Confession

The last objective is fairly straightforward:

  • To reach it, simply go through the underground path from the metal gate that you just opened in the aforementioned basement.
  • You’ll arrive at the basement of another house, one that wasn’t accessible before. A bunch of zombies will also spawn, so make sure you take them out.
  • Go to the attic to find a microphone. You’re also prompted to tell a secret.
  • Simply approach the microphone and press the interaction button. Your character will start speaking, divulging one of their secrets.

Once the above task is completed, the way to the last house at the end of the street will be unlocked. This leads to a somewhat trippy area, whereupon you’ll encounter Veronique.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Rites of Passage in Dead Island 2: Haus. For the other important objectives in this DLC, you’ll want to check out how to reach the Diner and how to finish the Ark of Ascension. Likewise, for more about Hell-A and related DLCs, you can visit our DI2 guides hub.

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