Frank's fame is a very fragile thing in Dead Rising 4, and there aren't many remembrances left of his brave work in the series first entry...

Dead Rising 4 Achievement Guide: Idol Worship

Frank's fame is a very fragile thing in Dead Rising 4, and there aren't many remembrances left of his brave work in the series first entry...
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It’s been a long wait, but there’s finally a fourth main entry in the infamous Dead Rising series, marking the return of original hero and fan favorite Frank West (read our review here).

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While sadly the PS4 crowd will have to wait a full year before getting to join in the ludicrous zombie slaying fun, Xbox One and Windows 10 players can now start decimating the undead horde and nabbing some nifty achievements along the way.

The obnoxiously grindy Zombie Genocider of course returns, along with the even more ludicrous (and very misleadingly titled) Left 100,004 Dead 2 achievement, which actually tasks you with killing 200,008 zombies in a single playthrough.

If hours upon hours of running over zombie crowds doesn’t exactly sound like a fun time for a measly 20 gamerscore, don’t worry, there’s plenty of achievements available that don’t require nearly that much time sink.

Dead Rising 4 Idol Worship Achievement

One such achievement is Idol Worship, bearing the sad but amusing description “Find the Frank West Statue. Didn’t there used to be more of these?”

Turns out the people of Willamette don’t quite remember Frank as the hero he likes to think of himself as, and there’s only a single monument to all his hard work from the first game still standing. Finding this offbeat and hidden little gem nets you a rare achievement and 30 extra gamerscore.

Idol Worship is hard to find on its own but incredibly easy to pick up if you know precisely where to look — and that’s where we come in! Below we cover exactly how to find the statue so you don’t have to spend hours fruitlessly searching.

To get started, head through the shuffling zombie masses to North Peak and locate the North Peak Fire Hall building at the top-left corner of the map area

Idol Worship achievement location

While facing away from the Fire Hall (the one with the single string of Christmas lights and a fire truck sticking out of the garage) and looking towards a line of buildings in front of you, head forward towards the back of a building that has a chain link fence and a large cargo truck.

Jump up on the truck’s cab and then onto it’s roof so you can gain access to the top of the building just behind the truck.

 Gaining roof access to reach the Frank West statue

From the building’s rooftop, turn left and run across to the next roof with a flaming barrel located near the front. Ignore this area and immediately cross the wood plank offering access to a third rooftop on the other end of the block from where you started.

This rooftop should have a large AC unit with a blue tarp over it, and just to the left will be sitting a bare mattress and a bloody body. Take a gander at the edge of the mattress to find the Frank West statue waiting to be picked up.

Finding the Frank West Statue

All kinds of questions come to mind — why was someone sleeping on the roof, and what were they doing with that Frank West statue? Considering how many giant stuffed animals can be found in the game, it seems like an odd thing to snuggle up to at night during the zombie apocalypse…

 Is there anything more satisfying than the achievement noise?

Now that you’ve got that one down, there’s plenty more Dead Rising 4 achievements to still grab.

Looking for more help? Check out our guide to getting the Faaantastic! achievement with an S-Rank photo and be sure to let us know about the hardest achievement you’ve managed to unlock so far while cracking the case in Dead Rising 4!

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