Photography returns in Dead Rising 4 and we show you how to quickly nab the Faaantastic achievement with an S-Rank snapshot!

Dead Rising 4 Achievement Guide: Shooting an S-Rank Photo

Photography returns in Dead Rising 4 and we show you how to quickly nab the Faaantastic achievement with an S-Rank snapshot!

Gone from the series since the iconic first game, taking photos of ridiculous zombie mayhem has returned in Dead Rising 4, offering plenty of opportunities for photographic evidence of the outbreak… or to snap some selfies with explosions in the background.

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There are different levels of photography, with varying point score increases depending on specifically what is going on within in the frame. Unlocking the Faaantastic! achievement requires taking an S-Rank photograph anywhere within the game, which is activated by crossing the 5,000 point threshold with a single snapshot.

Best S-Rank Photo Location

There are many different areas where it’s possible unlock this achievement, even from the earliest parts of the game, but there’s one location where you can most reliably nab an S-Rank photo with the least effort possible.

To get this perfect photo and unlock the achievement, first head over to Kichiro Plaza in the Willamette Memorial Complex and walk up to the Ja-POP! store (found to the left of the stairs and behind a giant Santa sleigh display).

An easy location to get an S-Ranked photo

Everything in the store is Capcom themed and (obviously, since this is a Capcom game) is worth loads of bonus points. Here’s where you get your S-Rank pic quickly.

If you stand directly in the store entrance so that the entire room is within your snapshot, you can very easily net more than 5,000 points and get an S-Rank photo.

Just make sure that the E. Honda (yep, of Street Fighter fame) character cut out and arcade stand are in the center so you get everything in the room within a single frame and can see both side walls.

Framing an S-Rank Dead Rising 4 Photo

There are plenty of other locations to get S-Rank pictures besides this simple method. To get high enough point scores, just try to have the most possible enemies (alive or dead) in the frame at one time.

You can actually unlock the Faaantastic! achievement even earlier in the game when you pick up the first blue print by simply taking a picture of the horde of zombies blocked by the glass.

Let us know how high a photo score you’ve managed to get, and where you unlocked your first S-Rank pic!

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