Vehicle combos let Frank mow down even more zombies than normal to rack up some truly devastating kill counts!

Dead Rising 4: Finding All the Vehicle Combo Blueprints

Vehicle combos let Frank mow down even more zombies than normal to rack up some truly devastating kill counts!

Combo weapons are an essential part of the Dead Rising experience, as are ridiculous vehicles (who didn’t have a hilarious time riding over zombies on a trike in the second game?).

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Now the two have come together, with a variety of vehicle combo weapons available for Frank to construct in Dead Rising 4. But before you can start building absurd vehicles to crush zombies though, you’ll first have to find the proper blueprints.

Below we cover how to find each vehicle combo blueprint throughout the game.

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Bogey Monster

Construction: Go Kart + Shopping Kart

This vehicle combo weapon blueprint doesn’t require anything crazy to earn: it’s just sitting on a counter waiting to be picked up.

To find the Bogey Monster construction blueprints, head to the Willamette Memorial Megaplex and up to the second floor of Caribbean Cove (near Kiichiro Plaza). The blueprints are found on the counter of the Homerunners store near the cash register.

 Bogey Monster Blueprints

Creep Fryer

Construction: Food Truck + Enduro Bike

This one takes a little more effort to find, as it’s in a locked panic room. Head over to the top map portion of North Peak and you will find a safe key sitting on the back steps of the Glitter Dolls Nightclub.

From there, go down the stairs to the lower level and use the key to access the panic room near the bathroom area. The blueprints are found inside the panic room bunker on a cot.

 Creep Fryer Blueprints

Cryonic Commando

Construction: Antique Car + Snowmobile

During the Infiltrating the Dam mission you will travel to the upper map portion of West Ridge. Look for a warehouse building that isn’t marked on your map next to the fireworks stand. Head inside and grab the blueprints sitting on the hay bales right by the door.

Cryonic Commando Blueprints


Construction: Go-Kart + Shopping Kart

You actually have to work a bit for this one and can’t just pick up the blueprints sitting on the ground like normal. Travel to the go-kart track in Miami Boardwalk section of the Willamette Memorial Megaplex.

Get in one of the go-karts and race around the track twice to activate the go-kart challenge. If you beat the record time, the center caged off area will unlock and you can grab the blueprints.

Kill-O-Watt Blueprints


Construction: Mower + Kid’s Bike

Another one found in the Willamette Memorial Complex, you can grab the MowerHawg blueprints by heading into Medieval Town and the Ye Olde Toybox store. The blueprint is clearly sitting on the counter in plain view.

MowerHawg Blueprints

Sling Rot

Construction: Hearse + Tow Truck

The blueprints for this hilariously morbid combo vehicle can be found at the far south end of the Old Town map. Look for a chapel (unmarked on the map) near a cemetery and an emergency shelter. The blueprints are on the steps right by the railing.

Sling Rot Blueprints

Tread Maker

Construction: Tractor + Wheel Chair

You can’t grab this one until Case 5 in the main story line when you head to the Hudson Dairy Farm section of West Ridge. Go to the upstairs bedroom and look in the closet with your camera to locate a hidden office area where you can grab a key. Now head down and unlock the garage with the key, where the blueprints are sitting on a shelf.

         Tread Maker Blueprints


Construction: Military ORV + ATV

During Case 2 of the main storyline you will meet up with Jessa in a garage. The blueprint is on the car hood right next to where the conversation takes place.

Those are all the Dead Rising 4 vehicle weapon combo blueprints we’ve discovered so far! Let us know if you’ve managed to find any others in your return to Willamette!

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