Want to know how to find the Deluxe Edition bonus suits in the Dead Space Remake? Here's how.

Dead Space Remake: How to Get the Deluxe Edition Suits

Want to know how to find the Deluxe Edition bonus suits in the Dead Space Remake? Here's how.

If you sprang for the Deluxe Edition of the 2023 Dead Space Remake, you may be slightly nonplussed to start the game and discover you have no obvious way to dress up in your new cosmetic Deluxe Edition suits. Here’s where to find your bonus sets of armor.

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Armor Up: Where to Find the Dead Space Deluxe Edition Suits

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If you played the original Dead Space games, this may sound a little familiar to you. Dead Space 2023 handles its DLC options in the same way as 2011’s Dead Space 2, where you don’t gain access to your extra stuff until you’ve cleared a big part of the first chapter.

Like in DS2, the Deluxe Edition suits here are kept in the Storage tab of the Store menu, so you can’t pick them up until you’ve found a vendor.

The first available Store kiosk in Dead Space is found at the Flight Deck tram station, right at the end of Chapter 1, after taking the elevator down following your trip back to the Kellion. This is your first opportunity to change Isaac’s suit, which also comes with an unskippable animated sequence that’s similar to the one that’s triggered when you buy an armor upgrade.

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It also lets you turn parts of the rest of the game into a situation comedy, as scenes like the conversation with Hammond on the bridge are funny when Isaac shows up for them visibly infected or covered in blood. No, Isaac doesn’t know what’s going on, but he does seem to have adapted to this situation very quickly.

Note that the bonus suits don’t add progress toward the Pack Rat trophy/achievement, which is triggered by putting stuff in storage, not simply having items in there by default.

The bonus suits also overwrite Isaac’s normal armor, as far as I can tell. You can still buy the upgraded engineering suits with a cosmetic equipped, but the extra features won’t change the looks for Isaac’s Deluxe Edition suits.

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