Sure, you can survive the USG Ishimura. But can you do it twice while keeping all your stuff?

Dead Space Remake: Is There New Game Plus Mode?

Sure, you can survive the USG Ishimura. But can you do it twice while keeping all your stuff?

So, you’ve survived the USG Ishimura, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking of going back for seconds. But will you be able to carry your progress over to New Game Plus, or will you have to start all over again? Fortunately, we’ve got the answer.

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Does Dead Space Remake Have a New Game Plus Mode? — Answered

If you’re looking to return to the USG Ishimura with all the wonderful toys you unlocked on your first trip through, you’re in luck. Like the 2008 original, Dead Space Remake features a New Game Plus mode, and unlocking it is easy. All you have to do is complete the game. After the credits, you’ll get a screen telling you how to access New Game Plus mode and detailing what it has to offer.

How to Unlock New Game Plus in Dead Space Remake

Once you’ve rolled credits, all you have to do is go to the main menu and access your completed save. Doing so will restart the game, but you’ll carry over any suits, weapons, upgrades, items, and credits you earned last time around. To find your gear, just head to any store aboard the Ishimura. Once there, you’ll be able to put the items you want back into your inventory.

What’s New in New Game Plus?

You’ll also get access to the Advanced Soldier RIG, a powerful new suit. Having access to all these upgrades from the jump doesn’t necessarily mean that New Game Plus will be a walk in the park. The Necromorphs have received some upgrades, too. You’ll have to deal with Phantom Necromorphs, stronger variants of past enemies with their own unique appearances and attack patterns, too.

New Game Plus also adds new collectibles in Marker Fragments. Collect all 12, and you’ll access Dead Space Remake‘s secret ending. But that’s a subject for a different guide. Have fun in New Game Plus, and try not to die too much.

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