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Death Must Die: Best Way to Farm Gold

This is the most efficient way to farm gold in Death Must Die in Early Access.

Defeating Death himself is a big task, even when you receive help from other gods in the form of power boosts. However, you’ll need the help of gold to purchase gear, as well. Here’s the best way to farm gold in Death Must Die.

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The Best Way to Farm Gold in Death Must Die

Although gold drops from enemies at random, the amount you get is so small that it isn’t worthwhile to farm through that method. Instead, I’ve spent some time sussing out the most efficient method: increase your item drop rate, sell items, gain better gear, kill bosses, and sell more items.

While you could run off and start farming gold with just that information, I’ve also detailed the best way to go about filling your coffers using this method below.

Best Gold Farming Strategy in Death Must Die Detailed

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The absolute best way I’ve found to get gold in Death Must Die is through selling items. Specifically, you want to get items that increase item drops, like the Azure Jewel.

Other ways to boost your item drop rates are through statue buffs. However, those are random, so you need to keep checking the points of interest that appear on your mini-map and hope that you get the drop rate boost. Not bad, but not the best.

Once you have a steady supply of nice items to pick up, start selling them to make gold. While this may seem counterintuitive, it works because items sell for much more when compared to the minuscule amounts of gold you’ll pick up from enemies. Therefore, it’s more profitable to go all in on increasing item drop rates if you want to stock up on the shiny stuff.

You’ll find a shopkeeper in your camp after you die about five times. If you don’t know that you want to sell items yet, then you can store them in your stash and decide later.

This farming method means that completing runs and killing bosses will get you the most gold overall since their item drops tend to be better. So, if you get an upgrade or better piece of gear, you can clear enemies faster. And if you don’t get an upgrade, it sells for more gold than other items in general. It’s a win-win situation.

That covers the best way to farm gold in Death Must Die. You get swarmed by more and more enemies over time, but just killing them doesn’t yield enough to farm through that method. Instead, you want to focus on bosses and item drops. From here, check out our DMD guides hub as we continue adding to it through the game’s Early Access period.

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