Death Must Die: How to Unlock and Switch Characters

Here's how to unlock every Death Must Die character and how to switch between them!

Sorceress in Snow
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Death isn’t an easy target, not even when his daughter and other gods are blessing you with power buffs. However, you get to choose which character you want to use, and each one has a different play style. Here’s how to unlock and switch characters in Death Must Die.

How to Unlock and Change Characters in Death Must Die

Dying in your first few runs is actually useful when it comes to getting new characters and resources. When you first enter the game, you play as the knight, Avoron (sometimes called Avolon in Early Access). He’s a melee character who can take more hits than some other characters, but that might not be your preferred style.

Luckily, you can unlock a variety of characters, and it just requires a bit of time. Basically, characters are unlocked by doing more runs in the game.

After a few runs with Avoron, the second character, Merris, will arrive at the cave that acts as your respawn point. The pattern continues this way for the first five characters, and there are seven total characters to unlock.

  • Merris: Play with Avoron.
    • Merris is a sorceress with ranged attacks. But she’s squishy, so you’ll need armor and buffs to help her withstand damage.
  • Nixi: Play with Merris.
    • Nixi isn’t tanky either, but she has a lot of mobility that makes evading damage easier.
  • Kront: Play with Nixi.
    • Kront is the character who can withstand attacks the best. He can take a lot of damage, but his damage output isn’t as high as characters like Avoron.
  • Skadi: Play with Kront.
    • Skadi is an all-around character. So, he’s decent at dealing and taking damage but doesn’t specialize in either one. This means you need to use builds to lean into being a tank or dealing more damage.

Switching Characters in Death Must Die

Sorceress by Campfire
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Of course, you’ll want to switch between characters to unlock the others. After your first run with Merris, a campfire appears at the cave. When you interact with this campfire, you can switch characters. It’s as simple as that (though not entirely intuitive, even if you’ve played roguelikes before).

I like the ranged abilities of Merris, so she’s my go-to. But sometimes I want to mix it up and see if I do better with somebody else, so it’s simple to swap out and give another character a chance — pending you’ve unlocked them, that is.

And that covers how to unlock and switch characters in Death Must Die. Although it looks simple, this game is addicting, and the variety of characters only adds to the fun. From here, head to our growing DMD guide hub for more topics as we experience the early access period together!

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