Death of An Era: Great Games Under $20

Games under $20 for new guys to current gen
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With the news of Xbox 720 announcement in the next week and a half, plus the PlayStation 4 news a while back, there will be more people buying older systems. With the new consoles being hyped up this is going to push the current gen into that category. As usual the prices will drop, in my opinion, for consoles and games for companies to make every last dime off the life of a console and games. If you are new to the current gen or soon to be dead gen this will definitely be in your interest. Games under $20 that will keep you entertained. 

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  • Shooter:  BioShock. Most people have caught the BioShock bug and hopped on the bandwagon, but really nothing compares to the original. Not saying Infinite or 2 were no good, just that the first one is a marvel in its own way. The game is beautiful in every aspect and can be had for a steal at this point.
  • Hack and Slash:  Afro Samurai. I don’t like anime and don’t remember the story of the game too well. I played Afro Samurai upon its initial release and enjoyed every bloody minute of it. This is definitely worth the pick up for hack and slash brutality.
  • Action Adventure:  Mirror’s Edge; this game was a late pick up for me. I was very unsure when buying it, but it was a change from everything else, bugs and all. When I say that nothing major just a couple issues with the parkour style gameplay. This was still a top of the line game in my eyes.
  • Survival Horror: Alan Wake, this game was very unusual and mind bending. Since the games release I have bought three copies. First was a vanilla edition. After playing it and developing a love for the games great attributes I sold that and bought two copies of the collector’s editions, one is sealed other is open. Definitely a pick up. (XBox 360 exclusive)
  • Puzzle:  Catherine; this was a very unusual twist on cube puzzles. The difficulty of the game also ramps up very fast. For the deep thinker and geniuses this game is worth the play thorough.
  • RPG: Dark Souls *veterans shutter*:  This game… this game is HARD (the all caps is an understatement.) This is a very in depth RPG that requires many many hours of concentration and dedication. When I finally obtained all achievements I had logged 175+ hours. Great game, great mechanics, GREAT challenge. 

The above listed games are, in my opinion, must plays for the genres they are listed in. If you have an interest and a budget, these games will most certainly not break the wallet. 

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