Looking to max out your character with some vitality and magic crystals? Here are all the shrines that have them!

Death’s Door: All Shrine Locations

Looking to max out your character with some vitality and magic crystals? Here are all the shrines that have them!

Death’s Door is rife with items to collect. This guide will focus on the 16 crystals found at the vitality crystal shrines and magic crystal shrines. Each one will give you one crystal of its respective type, four of which can be cashed in to upgrade either your health or magic.

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This means that with all crystals collected, you are able to upgrade both your health and magic to the maximum twice. 

If you’re an achievement hunter, you’re in luck: collecting all of these crystals will earn you a 50G achievement called “Zen,” on top of buffing your character to the max. 

All Shrine Locations in Death’s Door

Lost Cemetery

From the entrance, head up the ladder on the building just south of you and follow the area left until you reach an elevator. Ride it down and walk behind the building. Drop down the ladders to find a doorway to a shrine.

Estate of the Urn Witch

In the northwest garden, phase through the fake hedge into a secret tunnel. Follow it around, then go through the second section of fake hedges to find a shrine.

Ceramic Mansion

In the bathroom in the west wing of the mansion, destroy the two invisible vases (one is on the shelf and the other is at the foot of the bathtub). You can then walk through the fake wall to the left of the tub to find the shrine.

Estate of the Urn Witch

Head to the southeast garden, where you should find some unlit braziers on the ground. There are four garden areas connected in a square, each with a brazier. Light each one with the Flame spell to raise a bridge. Cross the bridge and drop down the trapdoor to find the shrine.

Inner Furnace

Take the northeast moving platform from the four-way intersection. Head up the ladder and walk across the pipes to find this very easy shrine.

Overgrown Ruins

Head to the west side of the Forest People settlement and drop down off the ledge. To your right will be a shrine.

Still in the Overgrown Ruins, head to the northeast corner of the area and work your way up the platforms. When you reach a large orange flower right next to a break in the wall, do a rolling ground pound off of this ledge to enter a secret tunnel underground. Follow the tunnel and it will take you to the shrine.

Mushroom Dungeon

When you reach the Western Crow soul room shortly after climbing some vines, there will be a bombable wall in the north corner. Destroy it to unveil the room with the shrine.

Flooded Castle

Follow the wooden bridges towards the south until you reach a fork in the path. Take the north path and shoot an arrow through the archway to open a path. Take this path to the shrine.

Lost Cemetery

Head to the northern area of the map and follow the stairs and ladders along their path around the mountain, until you reach a bombable wall at the base of the mountain. Blow it up, then defeat the miniboss inside. Continue on to find the shrine at the top of the mountain.

The Stranded Sailor

Follow the stairs up the map until you reach some crystals blocking your path. Break through them and drop off the ledge. Do a rolling ground pound off this next ledge to enter a secret tunnel that will lead to the shrine.

Castle Lockstone

When you reach the room where you need to hookshot from platform to platform, you can hookshot through a hole in the northwest wall from the first platform. Hit the switch in here, then go through the door on the other side of the room that opens. Outside, you’ll find the shrine.

The Grove of Spirits

Immediately to the left of the entrance, hookshot across the platforms to reach a hidden cemetery. Drop down and you’ll find the shrine amongst the tombstones.

Overgrown Ruins

Find the area with the two wooden structures with curved red, yellow, and green rooves. Walk under the northwest one, then follow the grapples around the pond. Once you reach the last one, shoot the switch in the wall with an arrow to unveil a path. Follow it to reach the shrine.

The Stranded Sailor

Head to the wooden docks with the hookshot anchors, and grapple to the northwest stone platform from the docks. Defeat a wave of enemies up here, then advance up some ladders to find the shrine.

Camp of the Free Crows

Follow the path from the spawn until you reach a new area. Grapple over some gaps and complete the ice path gauntlet by activating switches to lower platforms, and running over them because they reset. Some of these can be pretty tricky, but once you’re through them, you’ll find the last shrine.

With all of the shrines located and crystals collected, you’re set to fully maximize your magic and health. With a buffed up character like this, mixed with a full set of weapons and ability upgrades, Death’s Door will become a breeze and you can tackle night mode with little to no resistance. 

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