Death’s Door: All Weapon Locations

There are four hidden weapons hidden in Death's Door. Here's where to find them.

There are four hidden weapons hidden in Death's Door. Here's where to find them.

Death’s Door is simple in that its mechanics are quick to learn, but it’s not an easy game if you aren’t properly equipped. You will begin the game with a sword, though you’re likely going to want to get that upgraded by the late-game, and you’ve got a few options at your disposal.

There are four weapons scattered throughout the game, with varying degrees of difficulty to attain. This guide will cover the locations of all four in detail, so you can ditch your lame sword for something better (or something worse if you opt for the umbrella playthrough).

Death’s Door: All Weapon Locations

Where to Find the Discarded Umbrella

Where to get the umbrella in Death's Door

The discarded Umbrella is the first, but also the worst, weapon available in the game. If you’re shooting to get the “Academy of Umbrellas” achievement for beating the game using only the Umbrella, however, it is required.

After talking to Chandler the Handler at the beginning of the game, head right and go up the curved staircase. Go up the stairs to the left at the top, then up the next staircase as well. Leaning against the lamppost will be the discarded Umbrella.

Where to Find the Rogue Daggers

Where to get the Rogue Daggers in Death's Door

The Rogue Daggers are located in the Estate of the Urn Witch, which you can access by going to the Ceramic Manor and heading outside.

Go down the path to the circular stone area, then turn and head through the two metal arches closest to the screen. Cross the bridge, head up the stairs and drop through the break in the fence.

Cross the next bridge and continue in a straight line until you reach a purple bomb. To the right of it is a small stone statue with a lever on it. Pull it then head through the gate that opens.

Follow the path, killing enemies until you find the daggers sitting on the ground.

Where to Find the Thunder Hammer

Where to Find the Thunder Hammer in Death's Door

In the Mushroom Dungeon, head through the main door in the back of the entrance room, then straight through to the next room.

Drop off the ledge to the right and go through the closest door. Go through the bottom left exit of this room, then the bottom left exit of the next.

Hop down the ladder and run down the left staircase. Cross the bridge, go down the stairs, then follow the path around counterclockwise to the ladder.

Go through the door nearest to the camera, then go up the tall ladder. Head up, up the ladder, right, then down the ladder, and into the door. Run through the second door, break some crates to unveil a pit, then drop down it to find the Thunder Hammer.

Where to Find the Reaper’s Greatsword

Where to find the Reaper's Greatsword in Death's Door

This one is quite a bit more involved, and is located in The Stranded Sailor.

Cross the first bridge then head underneath the wooden stairs. Use a bomb to destroy the wall here and walk through. Slash the red button on the right, then read the tablet on the left. You’ll need to hit three more red button like that one.

Exit this room and head up the stairs. Continue following the staircases to the left until you see a small wooden bridge to your left. Cross it and use your bomb on the wall here, between the two small columns.

Enter the room to find the second red button. Exit and cross back over the bridge, then continue up the wooden stairs on the left. Use another bomb on the wall at the top of the staircase to find another room with the third button.

Go back down those wooden stairs, then up the stone stairs to the right. Smash through the crystals, then bomb the wall right in front of you to uncover the final button.

Backtrack down all of the stairs, then cross the wooden bridge to the left. Follow this wooden bridge all the way around, then hookshot to the stone platform with the gate. Pull the switch to open it and you’ll find the sword at the top of a small ladder.

With your now complete arsenal, you’ll earn yourself the “Weapon Master” achievement, and will be that much more of a force to be reckoned with in Death’s Door. Make sure to work on upgrading those abilities and maxing out your health and magic too, to become truly unstoppable in your journey.

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