Death’s Door Secret Ending Guide

After beating the final boss in Death's Door, it turns out there's still more to do. Here's how to get the secret ending.

After beating the final boss in Death's Door, it turns out there's still more to do. Here's how to get the secret ending.

So, you’ve beaten the last lord and thought that was the end? As it turns out, the big boss’ death is really just another door. A door that leads to the true, super-secret ending. In this guide we will go over how to get the Death’s Door secret ending.

How to Get the Secret Ending in Death’s Door

The Last Lord left something behind when they passed on: a key.

Go back to Reaper HQ (where you finally defeated them) and you’ll discover the Rusty Belltower Key. This is the start of a whole new quest to finish a few loose ends in the plot.

The Belltower resides in the Lost Cemetery (near the Summit) and its gate can finally be unlocked. Within the tower, you’ll discover the ability to ring in the night by hitting the bell.

Nighttime brings with it a quest to collect seven Ancient Tablets. You can collect the tablets in any order, but only when it’s night!

Here’s location and quests to collect all seven tablets:

Death’s Door Ancient Tablet 1: Guiding the Ghosts in the Lost Cemetery

Nighttime brings out the ghosts in the cemetery and seven of them need some assistance.

These pink ghosts bearing lock symbols need to get to their Lock Lord statues, so simply guide them there. Once they’re set, a door opens on the southern end of the map. Inside awaits a tablet.

Death’s Door Ancient Tablet 2: Digging the Gravedigger’s grave

Travel to Betty’s Lair, but don’t go in. To the right is a path up the mountain blocked by ice crystals. Smash those, follow the path up, and you’ll discover a door that appears only at night. This in turn will lead you to a mysterious locket.

Once acquired, go and visit the Gravedigger in the Lost Cemetery. His special door is now open, but to make it through, you’ll have to grant his final request—to finally be laid to rest himself. He doesn’t go down lightly, though, so expect a boss fight. Once defeated, he’ll leave the next tablet in his wake.

Death’s Door Ancient Tablet 3: The Garden of Love and a Secret Garden in the Urn Witch Estate

Elements of this tablet chase can actually be completed during the main quest.

You’ll need to have searched the witch’s manor for the old photograph (the room where you must carefully travel along the rafters), which provides the solution to the garden puzzle. This in turn, leads to the Secret Garden, where you’ll encounter Pothead again (as usual, only at night!).

Here, you’ll discover that saving those health seeds was entirely foolish, because Pothead needs you to make sure all 50 green pots spread through the game world have been planted in.  Pothead will give you clues to any pots you’ve missed and portals marked with a pink light indicate there are still pots left in the area to seed as well.

Once that’s done, the door in the garden will open, enabling you to acquire the next tablet.

Death’s Door Ancient Tablet 4: The Overgrown Ruins

You may have noticed a flooded area south of the first doorway in the Overgrown Ruins. At night, the area is drained and you can finally access the Avarice chest that was just peeking out of the water before.

As expected, this Avarice fight is tough, but the reward is another tablet.

Death’s Door Ancient Tablet 5: Lighting the Way at the Old Watchtowers

There’s a very large door on the far right of the map (take the first path right to reach it). Unlocking the door requires the player to light six unlit braziers with the flame spell. Once done, go through and collect a tablet.

Death’s Door Ancient Tablet 6: The Flooded Fortress

Shocking as this will likely be to everyone, there really was something fishy about resident soup chef Jefferson!

Go back to the Stranded Sailor and talk to ol’ Jeff to reveal his secret, then let him climb aboard for a squidyback ride. Head back toward the Flooded Fortress and you’ll find ghostly platforms that lead to a secret area. Keeping Jefferson firmly in tow, follow this path to a shrine and pray at the moon symbol.

Death’s Door Ancient Tablet 7: Owls of the Forbidden Lands (and elsewhere)

Pesky owls, always dropping stuff. Like Ancient Tablets. Due to owlish clumsiness, this tablet was broken into three pieces, each held by an owl somewhere in the overall world.

The first owl can be find right of the Ceramic Mansion. The second owl is over the ice on the Old Watchtowers map. Go up the first lift along the main path, hookshot across the gap to another lift, and travel the path of ice to find them.

The third owl is conveniently waiting for you in the Overgrown Ruins, just above the Northern Settlement (also the same spot where the magic flute was found early on). Talk to each to get their tablet piece.

Death’s Door Secret Ending: Wrapping Things Up

Finally, armed with all seven tablets, return to the Camp of the Free Crows, where another massive stone door awaits… and your destiny.

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