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Decaying Winter Roblox Trello and Discord Links (UPDATED)

You'll definitely survive longer in Decaying Winter with this information.

If you are looking for official Decaying Winter Trello and Discord links, you’ve come to the right place. Trello and Discord can be quite a great way to be better informed about game updates, and you can also interact with the community, learn new tricks, find playgroups, etc.

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How to Join Decaying Winter Trello (link)

Decaying Winter has an official informational Trello that you can check completely free of charge, without any accounts or registrations. Various resources can be read there, including detailed explanations for most of the game mechanics, loot tables, enemies, characters, classes, weapons, you name it. It’s everything that a new player can wish for.

How to Join Decaying Winter Discord (link)

Decaying Winter, in fact, has an official Discord server. You can join it completely free of any charge. It’s just recommended that you have a Discord account so that you can interact with the people there and use it to its full potential. You will be able to learn about new updates and the game itself.

Decaying Winter Discord Roblox
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What is Decaying Winter in Roblox?

Decaying Winter is a survival shooter originally made by Archeximus (now reuploaded by EDEN-227), where you’re defending against hordes of enemies. It has the elements of roguelike and roguelite games because you are not expected to win, given the progressively increasing difficulty of the game. It’s a co-op team game, so your crew members depend on each other to survive as long as possible. As you get better, you’ll certainly be able to finish more enemy waves, but how far can you actually get in a game where you’re doomed from the beginning?

That’s all about Decaying Winter. If you’re up for a chill experience of living in a peaceful city and the roleplay that goes along with it, I recommend you check out Bloxburg and our Roblox guide hub.

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