Wondering how to beat Doggo in DEEEER Simulator? Here's the best way to defeat this whacky Level 4 boss.

DEEEER Simulator: How to Beat Doggo

Wondering how to beat Doggo in DEEEER Simulator? Here's the best way to defeat this whacky Level 4 boss.
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Doggo is one of DEEEER Simulator‘s bonkers bosses. The adorably brutish K9 appears once you beat the police three times and cause enough mayhem to achieve Level A Deerstruction. But how do you beat the powerful Frankenstein that is Doggo and get the Town Musicians of Bremen trophy and achievement? 

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This quick DEEEER Simulator guide will tell you how to unlock and beat Doggo, providing tips that will make this boss fight much more manageable than normal.

How to Make Doggo Appear in DEEEER Simulator

First things first: You’ll want to unlock Metal Deer to beat Doggo. Destroying vehicles to get the handguns, submachine guns, and assault rifles will give you the firepower you need, but Metal Deer has a jetpack jump and dodge that really helps in the fight.

You can unlock Metal Deer as soon as you start DEEEER Simulator, and it makes getting to Deerstruction Level A easier because you can melt buildings with its machine guns.

Having Metal Deer also helps when fighting the cops at Level 3 since you’ll face dozens of sheep, several polar bears, and a detachment of earwalker bunny snipers. 

After you beat the police at Level 3 and get to Deerstruction Level A, Doggo will appear immediately at the foggy desert island to the right of the Red Pagoda near the Heli Station

Once you unlock Doggo, they appear in the same location for the duration of your save file, even if you beat the game, die to Future Self, or turn off the game. You do not have to increase your Deerstruction Level to unlock them again.

How to Beat Doggo

This boss is very powerful, and one hit can drain 3/4 of a heart. They use a combination of close-range, AoE melee attacks and long-range melee attacks. The long-range melee attack, where Doggo stretches their polar-bear arms at you, can reach across the arena.

To damage this boss, aim for the police cars on their shoulders. Shoot these with Metal Deer’s machine guns until they pop off to reveal red buttons. Once these red buttons appear, Doggo’s stretchy-arm attack will get stuck in the ground.

The Fastest way to beat them is to shoot the sheep feet or Deerify people who will automatically attack the sheep feet. This will cause Doggo to kneel, letting you shoot the cop cars more easily. You can also use this method to press the buttons without having to climb Doggo’s arms or use Metal Deer’s jetpack. Note that you only have to touch the cop cars to activate the buttons it seems.

Using Metal Deer, though, lets you constantly dodge around the arena to avoid attacks. To dodge in Metal Deer, hold “Shift” on PC or LT/L2 on Xbox and PlayStation first. Then use WASD or the left control stick to zip around. this will help you stay away from most of Doggo’s attacks.


Once you press the two red buttons, the boss will return to their initial form and spin around in circles. Simply keep shooting to beat Doggo in DEEEER Simulator

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