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Defeating Sandman in New York City Part I – Lego Marvel Superheroes Guide

Defeating Sandman in the opening board of Lego Marvel Superheroes.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Once again, the superheroes of the Marvel universe are being called into action in Lego Marvel SuperHeroes!

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After some dark silver mystery bricks fell from space to Earth, Doctor Doom has enlisted the aid of numerous super villains to aid him in finding and recovering these bricks. It is the job of the superheroes to retrieve the mysterious bricks known as cosmic bricks and return them to S.H.I.E.L.D. for protection and analysis.

Walkthrough: Returning After the Battle of New York

Heroes: Iron Man, the Hulk, and Spider-man

Villains: Abomination and Sandman

Lego Marvel Superheroes takes place after the conclusion of the Battle of New York. In the first stage of the game, the heroes return to New York City to take on Abomination and Sandman who have discovered the first cosmic brick for Doctor Doom. Through this level, Agent Coulson is advising the heroes as they battle their way through parts of New York to defeat the main boss, Sandman.

Battle on the bridge

The fight begins on a bridge leading up to Grand Central Station.

There are lots of police barricades and taxi cabs hindering Iron Man and the Hulk’s way. While smashing their way across the bridge, Sandman sends small sand minions to hinder their progress. These minions are easy enough to deal with as your progress across the bridge.

Police barricades can be smashed for coin, but to completely destroy it, you will have to hit it at least twice.

The first big obstacle in the path of the heroes is a transit bus.

In front of the bus is a stack of sand bricks that need to be dealt with so the heroes can continue. On each side of the bridge is a fire hydrant with a silver cap on the end. Silver items are to be used with ranged weaponry such as Iron Man’s rockets.

Using Iron Man, target the silver caps on both hydrants so they spray water at the sand bricks. The sand bricks will show cracks as the water weakens them.

Have the Hulk smash through to reveal two green handles on the side of the bus (the green indicates that this is a strength item that Hulk will have to work with).  Follow the cues on-screen until Hulk has picked up the bus. Throw it in front of him to remove further obstacles and enemies.

Once again, you will progress along the bridge the same as before with the sand minions, barricades, and yellow taxis until you come upon a semi. This time, in order for Hulk to move the tanker truck, he will need the aid of Iron Man.

The semi will have a silver plate on the side. Using Iron Man, shoot rockets at the silver plating to remove it. A bunch of Lego pieces will fall out of the side of the tanker truck.

You can get off the bridge by jumping off or flying down as Iron Man.

Smash the items off of the bridge to work towards collecting the canisters. This level has three items that need to be smashed to get a canister. These items are blue phone booths. Get back on the bridge to continue the level.

Building blocks such as these pieces require a smart character to put them together, so Hulk is not applicable. Use Iron Man to assemble the green handles together so that Hulk can remove the tanker truck in order for the heroes to meet up with Abomination on the other side.

Abomination fight

Hulk is the designated fighter against Abomination.

After smashing the final items along the bridge, a cut scene will show indicating the start with the minor boss. This fight is simple.

Just follow the on-screen commands for Hulk to defeat Abomination. Once defeated, a cut scene will appear to send our heroes inside Grand Central Station.

Inside Grand Central Station – First Encounter with Sandman

First things first. Don’t forget to save. Lego Marvel Superheroes makes this easy for you. To your left, as soon as you load into Grand Central Station, is a white circle spot on the ground. Stand on it and a computer terminal will pop up. Just use it to save your game. Any character can do this, even the Hulk.

A large pair of sand arms is the first obstacle to overcome between you and Sandman.

On the left side of the board, there is a piece of flooring with blue machines attached to it. This piece has a set of green handles on it indicating its for Hulk to throw at the arms. Send Hulk over to pick it up and throw it at the hands. Don’t worry if you miss, just move to the next step and the flooring piece will respawn for you to try again.

On the right side of the board is a blue payphone. Be sure to smash it and then have Iron Man use the rockets on the ticket lines. Once this is done, green handles attached to the wall will be revealed. Have the Hulk grab them and rip the stations out of the wall. Throw this at the other remaining hand. This will allow you to progress further into the station.

You won’t get too far before you have to stop for another obstacle as tracks form and Sandman sends in a sand Lego train filled with sand minions. This obstacle is easily dealt with as you just keep defeating the horde of sand minions till the train falls apart.

Don’t forget to collect your coins when they pop up and the hearts for health.

As you progress, Sandman throws another obstacle into the path: A Strong Sand Wall

Merely bashing it with Hulk and his strength will not work. Jump or fly to the top of the circular information/ticket station to dismantle the silver clock with Iron Man.

The clock pieces will fall to the floor to be put together to form a water cannon. Jump into the cannon and shoot water at the wall until a weak spot with green cracks shows up that Hulk can bash his way through.

To the right of the information center is a grouping of blue and red sparkles. Right now, you can not do much with these as neither Hulk nor Iron Man can use it. These blue and red sparkles are indicators for characters that have heightened senses, such as Spider-man’s spider sense.

Once Hulk has busted through the sand wall, there will be a gold brick wall to the left. Right now, like the blue and red sparkles, you can not do much with it as it requires a character with fire powers to utilize.

At this point, you have another sand wall, but this one has sand cannons on top that is trying to blast you to oblivion while you try to find a wall to get through it.

To the right of the wall’s gate in a corner, you will see silver scaffolding. Have Iron Man use his rockets on the scaffolding till they are all busted apart. Rebuild the items into a heavy silver object that Hulk can throw at the gate to shatter it. Once again, this object will have the tell-tale green handles to indicate its a thrown, heavy strength object.

Enter Cutscene

You have reached Sandman at the back of Grand Central Station, but Sandman has other plans in mind.

Using the sand, he whirls the group back outside on top of buildings in New York City. Iron Man and Hulk meet up with Spider-man and now you have a three-man team to continue on trying to defeat Sandman before he does too much more damage to the city.

To be continued…

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