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Defeating Sandman in New York City Part II – Lego Marvel Superheroes Guide

Hit the rooftops of NYC with Iron Man, the Hulk, and Spider-Man to stop Sandman's reign of sandy terror.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

(This is the second half of the walkthrough for Lego Marvel SuperHeroes’ Battle of New York found here.)

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After being swept out of Grand Central Station by a sand swirl, the Hulk and Iron Man have met up with Spider-man on the rooftops of New York City. Spider-man will come in handy a fair bit in this stage of the game. With his heightened senses through spider sense, he will be able to find things Iron Man and the Hulk can not.

On the right side next to the stairs will be a computer terminal for you to save your game.

Hulk can bash and smash a few items if you can’t see it initially. All the items there in front of the large ‘A’ are breakable, so be sure to get all your coins in this area by smashing the crates and rooftop fans.

The first obstacle is a large letter A sign with lightning shooting from generators on both sides of the roof. The way is blocked and our team of heroes must find their way through.

Going with the right side first, make sure you have switched to Spider-man. Go over to the red and blue sparkles where Spider-man will get a spider sense reaction. Once he has used his spider sense, a Lego wall that he can climb will appear. Climb up to the top to reach the satellite dish.

Once Spider-Man has reached the ledge, you will notice a red Lego surrounded by blue on the satellite dish. This is a pull target, meaning characters with rope (or in Spider-man’s case, webbing) can latch on and pull the target to get a desired reaction. In this instance, we want to target the pull and use it to pull the satellite dish off the ledge. Once the satellite falls, it will break into pieces but not disappear.

Climb or jump down to where the satellite dish pieces are. Since Spider-man is an intelligent hero, he can put the pieces back together.

Once the pieces are reassembled, they will form a heavy object with green handles. Switch to Hulk and have him start pulling on the handles to drag the object back a distance before releasing to let it slam into the right side generator to destroy it.

Silver gates and spider-sense

On the left side, you will need to switch to Iron Man to demolish the silver gate that blocks the other generator.

Target all the silver gates so that Iron Man’s rockets will shoot at them. Iron Man is capable of shooting off multiple rockets at once if he has more than one target locked.

Switch back to Spider-man once the gate is demolished. Using his spider-sense in the red and blue sparkles near the left side generator, he will find a hidden target pull on the generator.

Target the pull with his web and then pull the generator apart so it will destroy itself.

Spider-man’s spider sense will go off again after the generator is destroyed.

This time, it will show two hidden target pulls on the giant letter A sign that is left barring the wall. Using Spider-man’s webs, pull the targets and the A will slide down to make a bridge to the next rooftop so the trio can continue on.

Now it is time to fight the main boss of the level himself, Sandman

Sandman has transformed to be a large sand man that is difficult to defeat as he is, so the team has to work together to find ways to weaken him. Since water is most effective in solidifying sand, the team will first target the rooftop water tower on the right.

Using Spider-man’s webbing, use the pull target on the side of the water tower to form a rope that can be used to climb up with. This spot will be indicated by the white circle on the rooftop.

Once Spider-man is up top, switch to the Hulk. Unfortunately, Hulk is too heavy to climb the web rope so you will need to transform back into Bruce Banner. Have Bruce climb up the rope. The water tower has green handles so you will need to transform back into the Hulk to pull them.

Once you have Hulk pull on the handles, the object will slam into the water tower and shatter it.

Change to Spider-man (if he is still on top of the tower, if not, bring up a smart character or transform back into Bruce Banner) so that he can reassemble the pieces into a water cannon. Once it is assembled, aim it at Sandman and begin to spray him with the water. Sandman will begin to solidify so that the team can defeat him. He knocks those on top of the water tower off to stop the spray from the water cannon.

When the group is knocked down, you will see that Sandman has weakened and has tried to put up a shield of sand.

The shield has green cracks meaning that Hulk can smash it. Use Hulk to bust through the wall to progress the fight with Sandman. This will send Sandman to regroup himself after Hulk bashes him.

If the group is close to Sandman, it is time to pull a bit of a retreat. The heroes need to fall back out of Sandman’s reach as he will be trying to smash them with hammer style hands. He will also draw in some of the free sand around the rooftop which will show an air conditioning unit on the left side of the roof. Glowing green rays will be coming out of the top of the unit indicating another task for the Hulk.

Have Hulk jump on top of the A/C unit to smash it. This will again result in Lego bricks that need to be reassembled, so switch to Iron Man or Spider-Man to rebuild the blocks. The blocks will form a small, but heavy, concrete mixer with green handles. Target Hulk and have him pick up the mixer. Target Sandman and Hulk will throw it at him.

Don’t worry if Sandman destroys the cannon with his hammers. The object will respawn within seconds so you can try again.

Sandman will go down again behind a weakened sand wall that Hulk needs to smash through or else he will regenerate.

Retreat out of reach. There will be two targets near Sandman that have to be utilized. The one on the left is a pull target for Spider-man and the right is a silver target for Iron Man. This can be done in any order. Have Spider-man and Ironman use their respective targets.

Once both targets have been revealed, you will see two red lights. These will need to be switched to green.

Go up to each switch and activate them which will let the clear canister in the center to fill up with water. If you are not already Spider-man, switch to him. Once the canister is filled, move towards it with Spider-man to set off his spider-sense.

Spider-sense will reveal another pull target for Spider-man to use. Activate the pull target and it will pull the top of the canister off to spray water once more at Sandman. Sandman will again go down behind the weakened sand wall with the green cracks. Have Hulk smash through it a final time.

Cue cut scene. Sandman and Abomination are being taken into custody.

Congratulations on your first successful mission as a hero. The cosmic brick that Sandman had taken is being sent to Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) of the Fantastic 4 for analysis.

Unlocked Characters

 Iron ManThe Incredible HulkSpider-manRoxxon GuardAbominationSandman

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