Demonologist: How to Use the Sledgehammer

Sledgehammer is a unique tool that's used in the Cyclone Street objective in Demonoligst. Here's how to use it right!

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Sledgehammer is a unique tool that’s required to complete certain objectives in Demonologist. You’ll be mostly using it in the Cyclone Street objective. Without it, the mission is practically undoable. But you can also use it in other places where applicable. Our guide will provide you with tips on how to use the sledgehammer in Demonologist, including its price in the shop.

How to Use the Sledgehammer in Demonologist

Unfortunately, you can’t obtain a sledgehammer during your playthrough, as it’s not part of the basic investigation tools in the game. But you can purchase it in the in-game shop under the “Other Tools” tab for $500. Once you purchase it, you’ll also need the UV Light ($800). Usually, players use the sledgehammer to break the cracked walls, but to see the cracks in the first place, you need the UV Light.

I highly recommend picking up both items if you want to complete the Cyclone Street map objective, which you can do by following these steps:

  1. Stay on the ground floor and use UV Light on the walls.
  2. You should notice a crack in the wall around the living room.
  3. Equip your sledgehammer and press the “E” key to break the wall.
  4. Pick up the paper bag from behind the wall.
  5. Burn the paper bag in the living room’s fireplace.

I must warn you that once you break the wall with the sledgehammer, it’ll make the ghost very angry, so you need to have a high amount of Sanity to keep the ghost calm. But once you do that, the Cyclone Street map objective will be completed.

That’s everything you need to know on how to use the sledgehammer in Demonologist. Stay tuned for more Demonologist tips and tricks articles right here.

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