Demon’s Souls Compound Long Bow Location Guide

Demon's Souls Compound Long Bow is a good mid-point upgrade for ranged players, but it's not so easy to get. Here's where to find it.

Demon's Souls Compound Long Bow is a good mid-point upgrade for ranged players, but it's not so easy to get. Here's where to find it.

The Compound Long Bow is the third strongest non-upgraded bow (in terms of base damage) in Demon’s Souls. It’s a good upgrade to the Compound Short Bow, but it’s harder to get. You’ll have to weather the Shrine of Storms and its notorious Silver Skeletons if you want to add it to your inventory, which can be a task early on. 

You may also want to get this bow for crafting the Lava Bow, or to gain access to a high-level ranged weapon capable of inflicting Sticky damage. Though the Compound Long Bow doesn’t provide any added benefits over the Compound Short Bow when crafting the Lava variant, it is a more powerful and longer-ranged Sticky variant.

Compound Long Bow Location

Go to the Island’s Edge Archstone (4-1) in Shrine of Storms. From the archstone, go straight ahead and defeat the Silver Skeleton. Then go through the archway and fight the Silver Skeletons guarding the stairway; there are two on the immediate stairway, as well as an Archer on the right near the banner.

Slowly move forward to kite the first Skeleton, drawing it away from the others. Defeat it, and repeat the process with the second Skeleton. Ascend the stairway, and kill the Archer. 

Turn left and slowly continue up the stairway. You will see two Skeletons at the top. Kite one, defeat it, and repeat with the next Skeleton. When you get to the top of the stairway, mind the Archers shooting down from the rampart above. 

When you get to the large castle gate (just underneath the Archers firing down from the rampart), don’t go completely through it. Instead, go halfway through it, and turn left to go inside the wall, as shown in the screenshot above.

Beware of the pressure plate halfway down the corridor, on the floor between the two torches on the wall. This triggers an arrow trap that fires three arrows in quick succession.

At the end of the corridor, go right and up the steps to the top. At the top, ignore the Silver Skeleton and two Archers in front of you to the right. Just make sure the Silver Skeleton doesn’t follow you. Go left through the space in the stone wall. 

Go down through the rubble, toward the solitary Archer shooting at you from above. Go under the Archer and into the room ahead. Watch out for the Silver Skeleton waiting around the corner to the left.

Defeat the Skeleton and continue through the corridor. At the end, watch out for another Skeleton to your right. Defeat them, and go up the stairs to the left. There is another Silver Skeleton waiting for you at the top. Defeat that enemy, and go out onto the castle rampart.

(Note: Going out onto the cliff will lead you to Sparkly, the Crow). 

Follow the path out onto the rampart around to the right to find an Archer and a slouched body with an item on it. The Compound Long Bow is on the body, along with some arrows.

The Compound Long Bow can fire regular arrows, heavy arrows, holy arrows, rotten arrows, and fire arrows. It is perfect for the Armor Spider fight in 2-1, Stonefang Tunnel’s Smithing Grounds if you’re able to get through Shrine of Storms early. 

It has a base damage of 45 (10 more than the Long Bow) and a range of 60. It can be upgraded to +10 with Hardstone and Sharpstone. The +10 variant deals 90 damage. You’ll need 22 Strength and 12 Dexterity to wield it. 

It can also be upgraded to a +5 Quality Bow using Clearstone; a +5 Sticky Bow using Spiderstone; and the Lava Bow using the Hard Demon’s Souls. The Quality and Sticky variants require a Compound Short Bow +3. The Lava Bow requires a Compound Long Bow +7 and the Red Hot Demon’s Soul (received for defeating Flamelurker in Stonefang Tunnel, The Tunnel City. 

That’s all you need to know about how to get the Compound Long Bow in Demon’s Souls. If you found this guide helpful, consider giving it a share! 

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