Bottom Dollar has emerged as one of the elite weapons in Destiny 2. Here is everything you need to know about what makes the hand cannon great, and how to get your own.

Destiny 2 Bottom Dollar: How to Get and Farm the Legendary Hand Cannon

Bottom Dollar has emerged as one of the elite weapons in Destiny 2. Here is everything you need to know about what makes the hand cannon great, and how to get your own.

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen has arrived, and with it, new loot. One of the most desirable guns is the legendary hand cannon, Bottom Dollar. This weapon has quickly shot to the top of many a guardian’s wishlist. So, what makes this gun so desirable, and how do you get your hands on one?

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This Destiny 2 guide will explain what makes Bottom Dollar so great, including perks to look out for, as well as tell you how to get it and farm it for better rolls. 

Bottom Dollar Has Incredible Variety

Bottom Dollar is a void hand canon of that fires at 120 rounds per minute (RPM). This archetype has a slow rate of fire, but it hits extremely hard. However, it typically has very good range. By default, it can one-shot weaker PvE enemies, and it can kill guardians in the crucible with just three shots.  

There are two slots for perks, and each one has 12 different variations that can drop. That makes for 144 different possible combinations. 

There are multiple sets of perks that can allow you to kill most other guardians in the crucible with just two shots. Rampage will do it by giving you a damage boost after a kill. High Impact reserves will do the same if you fire shots until there are just two rounds in your gun.

Combine that with Slide Shot, which reloads two rounds when you slide, and you can chain two-shot kills, provided you land your shots. It’s incredibly lethal.  

For PvE players, perks like Multikill Clip provide increasing damage buffs when rapidly killing enemies. Fourth Time’s the Charm will keep partially refilling your magazine when you chain critical hits, allowing you to keep firing for extended periods of time. And Unrelenting triggers health regeneration for rapid kills, allowing you to survive aggressive play in even the most chaotic of situations.  

How to Farm Bottom Dollar for Better Perks

Bottom Dollar can only be acquired by playing rounds of Gambit. It is a random drop at the end of matches, so you have to play all the way through to have a shot at getting one.

The good news is that makes it equally easy for anyone to get their hands on one. The bad news is you are solely dependent on RNG. However, you can increase your odds of finding Bottom Dollar by taking advantage of the optional perks on your ghost.

Go into your inventory and increase the rank of your ghost until you can unlock the mod called “Gambit Prosperity.” With this mod equipped, you will have the potential to have an extra legendary item drop after a win. More legendary drops mean more chances for your ideal Bottom Dollar. This only affects matches you win though, so prepare to get sweaty.  

The best thing you can do is play a lot of Gambit, as reports on Bottom Dollar drop rates vary. Some users have reported dozens of matches without finding it.

Anecdotally, mine dropped after four matches. Two of my clanmates found theirs after a similar number of tries. Given the number of possible perk combinations, it is likely you will need to go through several versions of the gun in order to find something that works for you. But you will eventually find your Bottom Dollar God roll.

There you go. The formula is simple. Load up Gambit and grind. Your fate is in the hands of RNG. Perseverance is your best tool to get the Bottom Dollar variant you want. But if you put in the time, you too can be the proud owner of one of the best all-around weapons in the game. Matching PvP skills not included. For more on Destiny 2, head over to our guides hub for walkthroughs on Dead Man’s Tale and how to use the Hammer of Proving

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