Having issues with the Breakneck mission bug in Destiny 2 Lightfall? Here are some possible fixes.

Destiny 2: Breakneck Mission Bug Fix

Having issues with the Breakneck mission bug in Destiny 2 Lightfall? Here are some possible fixes.

The Destiny 2 Breakneck mission bug is one of the rarer issues in the game. It occurs in the weekly version of the mission and can keep you from completing it. It’s been an issue for some time — as far back as February 2023 — without much in the way of a solution. Here are a few ways you might be able to avoid it or fix it.

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What Causes the Breakneck Mission Bug? 

While the cause of the Breakneck mission bug has no official answer, there’s likely an invisible object called a “volume” that triggers the in-game cutscene and causes the explosion to occur when your character model reaches it.

The volume might extend through the explosion corridor’s floor if the volume isn’t correctly sized. If your character’s head managers to touch it, you activate the escape even prematurely.

There might also be a dozen other causes, and hopefully, Bungie can look into fixing this bug soon.

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Is There a Fix for the Breakneck Mission Bug in Destiny 2?

As with many bugs, there is no one fix for the Breakneck Mission bug in Destiny 2. It occurs near the end of the quest, during the escape ascent after fighting the two Tormentor bosses.

It’s possible to trigger the explosion that sucks you out of the world and ends the mission before you reach that hallway. If you end up running into the Breakneck bug, you’ll be stuck against the ceiling, unable to move.

There are a few ways to fix this issue.

  • You can let yourself die and reset the checkpoint. If you’re trying to solo flawless the mission, this fix is out of the question.
  • You can pull out a Sword with the Eager Edge perk and try to force your way toward the hole in the ceiling. Both the Half-Truths and The Other Half Swords from the Dares of Eternity activity can roll with Eager Edge and that perk’s ability to accelerate you farther with a swing than usual.
  • You can adjust your game’s FPS to alter how Destiny 2 handles its physics. If you’re playing on a system that allows it, you can try to limit your total FPS to 30fps, and you might be able to move a little more freely, slowly pushing your way to the exit.
  • If you know the bug exists and where it happens, you can not jump too high when you reach the location that causes the issue, and if you don’t get close enough to the trigger event, you can traverse relatively normally.

For now, that’s how to fix the Breakneck mission bug in Destiny 2. If you want help with other parts of the Lightfall expansion, check out our guides to the Circular Logic and Iterative Loop god rolls or how to complete the Unfinished Business Exotic quest. Our Destiny 2 guides hub has more.

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