Destiny 2 Decrypted Data: How to Get Season of the Splicer’s New Currency

Decrypted Data is important in Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer. Here is everything you need to know about what it is how to get your hands on some.

Decrypted Data is important in Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer. Here is everything you need to know about what it is how to get your hands on some.

Another Destiny 2 season means another new currency. Season of the Splicer has introduced Decrypted Data. But what is Decrypted Data, and why do you need it?

The new Fallen wing of the HELM houses the Splicer Servitor. This servitor functions similarly to the War Table from Season of the Chosen. Decrypted Data is the new Season of the Splicer upgrade currency.

Collecting Destiny 2 decrypted data increases your reputation rank with the servitor in the HELM, unlocking powerful weapon and armor drops. Giving the servitor this currency also allows you to select unlockable perks to help in your various Season of the Splicer activities.

How to Find Destiny 2 Decrypted Data

There are very few sources for Decrypted Data in Destiny 2. The primary source is the Season of the Splicer seasonal challenges, which is accessed at the top of the quests screen.

Here you will find a series of tasks, similar to bounties, to complete. Some will only award XP, a few will drop Bright Dust, but the real prize is the Decrypted Data, typically found in the challenges on the top row.

The specific challenges will vary, just as they did in Season of the Chosen, and more are added each week.

For Week One, the challenge “Hello World” requires that you complete the Path of the Chosen quest and eliminate powerful Cabal throughout the system. “Maximum Override” says to complete the Override mission and deposit Data Spikes as a team. 

Challenges can only be completed once, and you will need to complete these over many weeks in order to fully upgrade the Splicer Servitor, so make sure to check what you need to focus on every week.

The next place to get Decrypted Data is the new 6 person Override mission. Occasionally you will encounter a goblin called with a gold health bar called Network Anomaly at the boss fight. Killing it drops a small pile of Decrypted Data, and an Umbral Engram. Completing the Override mission itself and opening the Conflux Chest, which requires you convert ether to a key using your Splicer Gauntlet, will award you with 35 Decrypted Data. 

The final source for Decrypted Data only applies to Destiny 2 Season Pass holders. As you gain XP and increase your season rank, there will be a small number of Decrypted Data troves. These drop at season ranks 2, 12, and 32. The Season pass is acquired by spending Silver, paid for with real-world money, so not all guardians will be able to take advantage of these extra sources of Decrypted Data.

Destiny 2 Decrypted Data is your key to progressing the Splicer Servitor reputation and getting the most out of Season of the Chosen. Keep checking in on your Weekly Challenges, and keep an eye on our Destiny 2 guides, as we add the latest tips and tricks for the Season of the Splicer.  

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