The Centipede error is a common issue in Destiny 2. Find out what it is and how you might fix it in this guide.

Destiny 2: Error Code Centipede Explained

The Centipede error is a common issue in Destiny 2. Find out what it is and how you might fix it in this guide.

There are dozens of error codes in Destiny 2, and while some are incredibly complicated or confusing, others are as straightforward as they are frustrating. And that includes the Centipede error. If you’re here, you’re wondering what it is and if there’s a fix.

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The Centipede error (as all Destiny 2 errors are named after creatures) is one issue that pops up a little too frequently for its own good, and seeing it even once can be infuriating. Sadly, there are few things you can do to alleviate it if you have regular internet troubles. 

What is Error Code Centipede?

The Centipede error code is, according to the official Bungie Help website, “a general networking error code. This can be caused by a loss of connection to [the Bungie] servers.” There is no primary fix for Centipede errors, as there are as many solutions as internet setups and ISPs.

How to Potentially Fix the Centipede Error

The two ways Bungie recommends to possibly alleviate errors are to:

  • Ensure you have a wired connection to your modem or router.
  • To have an Open or Type 1 NAT type.

To check your NAT type, go into the Destiny 2 settings and navigate to Gameplay. At the bottom of the menu, you’ll see the Stun Test (NAT Type) row. The far right section of the row shows which of the three NAT Types you have: Strict, Moderate, or Open. Ideally, you want Open, but Moderate is workable. Strict, however, often causes problems.

Changing your NAT Type usually involves going into your router settings and opening ports to allow specific additional connections onto your console or PC, though how you do that depends on the brand and model of your router.

The Bungie Help website offers a hefty selection of network troubleshooting guides, which suggest additional steps you can take, including:

  • Restarting your router and modem
  • Updating your modem or router’s firmware
  • Upgrading old internet hardware, including your modem or router
  • Reduce the number of connections using your router (disconnect additional devices, play while fewer devices are using data, stop ongoing downloads, etc.)

If nothing seems to work, you can try port forwarding or contacting your ISP to see if they’re limiting the data to your home.

In short, there are dozens or even hundreds of possible reasons why you might be getting Centipede errors, and there are almost as many ways of fixing them. Hopefully, what we’ve provided here is helpful. Check out the Bungie Help forum if you need additional support, and have a glance at our Destiny 2 guides hub for more on the game itself.

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