Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost: How to Farm Spectral Pages (2023)

Spectral Pages are essential to Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2. Here's how you get them.

Image via Bungie
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Spectral Pages are an essential part of progression during Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost. Without them, it’s much more difficult to reap all the rewards from the holiday activity. Spectral Pages are thankfully fairly easy to get your hands on, even if you’ve never spent a dime on D2. Farming them follows the strategies we’ve become familiar with from previous years, with a few updates for the new content that dropped with Lightfall. We’ll go over how to farm Spectral Pages in Festival of the Lost 2023 in this guide.

How to Farm Spectral Pages in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost (2023)

Image via Bungie

If you’ve experienced previous Destiny 2 holiday events, you’ll quickly see that farming Spectral Pages follows a similar pattern. The repeat offenders are all here, but there are a few wrinkles this time around. Note that you must be wearing a Festival of the Lost mask to get Spectral Pages.

Strikes Crucible, and Gambit

Yep, the core ritual activities are still some of the best ways to farm Spectral Pages. You’ll earn four to five Spectral Pages for each match you complete.

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Heroic Public Events

Public Events make a triumphant comeback, rewarding three Spectral Pages per completion. If you hang around in the EDZ or other large destination, you can hop between Events. If you’re quick about it, you can also reload the area with the ending event and pick up the reward chest a second time. It’s not foolproof, but it’s an easy six Pages if you do it right.

Completing Legendary Story Missions

You can earn nine through 10 Spectral Pages for completing Lightfall story campaign missions. The first mission, “First Contact,” is free to all players, and it’s fairly simple to farm. You will need a fireteam of either random LFG teammates or friends from elsewhere. Here’s how the farm works:

  1. Go through the mission until you defeat the Tormentor, but don’t open the door.
  2. Have at least one member of your fireteam leave the activity to save the checkpoint.
  3. Have the teammate with the checkpoint load in, and join them. They can leave again. Make your way to the drop pods, and use them to complete the mission.
  4. Rotate your checkpoint holder each time so everyone gets rewards, and repeat ad infinitum for as many Spectral Pages as you can hold (You can hold 75).

Once you have enough Spectral Pages to your liking, you can take them into the Haunted Lost Sectors and turn them into Manifested Pages. It seems to me that the more Spectral Pages you convert, the more rewards you get out of the Haunted Lost Sector reward chest, so you’ll be doing this particular farm loop constantly over the course of the event.

And that’s about it for how to farm Spectral Pages during Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2023. You can always do other activities like regular Lost Sectors, Raids, Dungeons, etc., but the Spectral Page rewards aren’t as good there this time around. For more content on Destiny 2, check out our guides hub.

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