This guide goes over everything you need to know to acquire the Exotic Catalyst for the Vex Mythoclast.

Destiny 2 Guide: How to Unlock the Vex Mythoclast Catalyst

This guide goes over everything you need to know to acquire the Exotic Catalyst for the Vex Mythoclast.

Known and feared throughout the original Destiny, the Vex Mythoclast is back in Destiny 2. You can only obtain it by defeating Atheon, Time’s Conflux in the Vault of Glass Raid, and even then the chances of getting it are slim.

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If you are one of the lucky ones with the Mythoclast in your inventory, the time has come to earn its Catalyst. Doing so is a trial of its own, requiring a second Raid run-through and five exercises of memory and secret hunting.

Today, we’re going to cover how to get your hands on the Vex Mythoclast Catalyst and what it does once completed.

Destiny 2: How to Get the Vex Mythoclast Catalyst

Scattered throughout the Vault of Glass are five hidden plates. They activate when a Guardian holding the Mythoclast stands on them, causing Oracles to spawn in the area around that particular plate.

Your fireteam will need to kill these Oracles in the order they spawn before a gong sound rings out. Early plates only have a few Oracles that spawn slowly, but the latter couple have as many as seven, spawning quickly. Thankfully, there’s no penalty for failure beyond having to run the order again.

You’ll know you’ve found the order when the message “A refrain whispers from deep in the vault” appears on the left side of your HUD.

Plate 1 and Oracle Locations

The first plate in the Catalyst questline is to the right of where you first spawn into the Raid. Complete the encounter, then head to the rightmost area near the cliff. There will be a cave there where the plate can be found.

Plate 1’s Oracles spawn in the following locations and the following order:

  1. In the cave with the plate.
  2. In a cave to the right of the plate cave. Go out of the cave and travel to the white stone area with the enemy spawn fog. There will be another level up and to the right of the spawn fog area where the cave lies. The Oracle appears in the back.
  3. At the white stone structure just behind the spawn area. The Oracle appears below the overhang.
Plate 2 and Oracle Locations

The second plate is just inside the Vault itself.

Follow the path down until you reach a large, green-colored chasm. Jump into the pit and immediately turn around. You’ll see a small opening in the metalwork that leads to a hidden path.

Follow this new path, jumping down until you see the Templar’s Well area marker pop up. The plate will be in a blue room nearby.

Plate 2’s Oracles spawn in the following locations and the following order:

  1. Below and behind the secret chest in the area. You’ll see a lit platform behind the chest pillar. Jump to it and then to the platform behind it. The oracle spawns near the exit.
  2. Directly above the plate. You’ll need to platform up to reach it.
  3. Directly across from and above the plate. You will see it glow when you step on the plate. Use the glow to reach it.
  4. Same as 2.
Plate 3 and Oracle Locations

You’ll find the third plate after you complete the Templar boss fight.

Head to the leftmost side of the area and look for a small opening in the wall. This opening leads to another secret chest, across from which is another small opening blocked by a box.

Kick the box down and follow the cave system down until you reach a large area with a Vex door to your left. The plate is beyond the open door. D1 veterans will remember this as the former location of the Exotic secret chest.

Plate 3’s Oracles spawn in the following locations and the following order:

  1. To the left of the door is a dark cave. Follow it through until you enter a second cave with green moss on the ground and look above you.
  2. Return to the first cave and turn left as you face the direction of the plate.
  3. You’ll fall into a pitch-black area. Make a 180, and the Oracle will spawn in the corner.
  4. In the plate room, up and to the left.
  5. Same as 1.
  6. Just outside the Oracle room, up and to the left.
Plate 4 and Oracle Locations

The fourth plate lives at the top of The Chasm, the large area before the Gatekeeper/Atheon encounter area.

You’re in the right place if you see several platforms going in and out of existence. Don’t travel down any of them. Instead, turn right at the top of the area and jump down to the outcropping and follow the wall until you see the plate.

Plate 4’s Oracles spawn in the following locations and the following order:

  1. Return to the entrance to the Chasm and look left. Follow the platforms up into a long, dark cave, and wait for the spawn in the middle.
  2. Go to the platform mentioned at 1, then turn around and jump up across the rocky outcroppings until you can’t go any further. Look down into the pit at your left. The Oracle is tucked in a corner below.
  3. Same as 1.
  4. Go through the same dark cave noted in 1, but this time go to the opening at its end. You’ll see a small outcropping to your right. Jump to it and go around the corner and down to the level below. The Oracle spawns in the dark corner.
  5. The platform just above the plate.
  6. Same as 2.
  7. In the air to the right of the platforms leading to the plate.
Plate 5 and Oracle Locations

The final plate lives in the same Chasm as Plate 4. You should see an inactive Vex gate far in the distance. The fifth plate is on a rocky outcropping to the right of the gate if you’re standing at it looking back up the pit. You can jump down to the plate location from the end of the dark cave mentioned in the Plate 4 section.

The Oracles for Plate 5 spawn around the outcropping near the plate but appear incredibly fast and in multiple waves. I used the yellow Gatekeeper hallway as the orientation point from atop the pillar.

Wave 1

  1. Far-right, or 90 degrees from the boss door.
  2. Middle facing the boss door.
  3. Near-left from middle.

Wave 2

  1. Far-right
  2. Far-left
  3. Mid-left
  4. Far-left

Wave 3

  1. Near-left
  2. Near-right
  3. Near-left
  4. Middle
  5. Directly behind the pillar

Wave 4

  1. Far-left
  2. Near-left
  3. Far-left
  4. Far-right
  5. Middle
  6. Near-left
  7. Behind

If you did it all correctly, you’ll see the “refrain” text as with all other steps, plus an additional line of text: “The Oracles are satiated. The whispers fade into a final refrain.”

At this point, make your way to the Vex gate, which is now active and shows an image of the Whisper of the Worm mission on the moon Io. Step into the image. You won’t travel to a Vaulted location, but you will receive the Vex Mythoclast Catalyst.

To unlock the Catalyst’s full power, you need to get 700 kills with the Mythoclast. Once enabled, the weapon’s Stability increases with the number of stacks of Overcharge.

And that’s it. You have to do the whole quest in one Raid run, but if you follow these steps you’ll get your hands on a fully-powered Vex Mythoclast and Catalyst.

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