Destiny 2: Heads Will Roll Not Progressing Bug Fix

Let's try a Heads Will Roll not progressing bug fix in Destiny 2 that may work for you.

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If you have been playing Destiny 2’s Halloween event and hunting down a hundred Headless Ones in Haunted Sectors, your kills may not be registering correctly or at all. This is a nasty bug that also appeared during last year’s October event. We have a suggestion about a possible Heads Will Roll not progressing bug fix in Destiny 2 that you can try.

How to Fix Heads Will Roll Not Progressing Bug in Destiny 2

If you’re playing the Haunted Sectors in normal mode and scoring kills without them registering, you’re not alone. Plenty of players have reported this bug. The game is simply not counting the number of Headless Ones you kill. While Bungie will probably sort this issue out soon, it’s a big enough problem to want to sort out on your own as soon as possible.

The best fix to try here is to run Haunted Sector in Legend Mode. Players have reported that playing Haunted Sectors in Legend mode registers their kills and allows them to complete the quest. It’s a little on the difficult side, but it can be cleared easily enough with a few friends or clan mates.

Playing a Legend one also seems to register the kills you scored in the normal mode. You can play the normal version and then switch to Legend to test it. It seems that your progression is retroactive, but only the Legend version displays your progress. A tricky bug indeed!

This is definitely a tedious bug that has appeared in the past and we hope Bungie fixes it soon, but for now this is how to fix the Heads Will Roll not progressing bug. They did indeed fix it last Halloween season so we were quite surprised to see it appear again. For more bug fixes and guides, stay tuned in to our Destiny 2 hub.

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