Destiny 2: How to Farm Medallions Fast in Guardian Games 2023

Read on to learn how to farm medallions in Destiny 2 for Guardian Games 2023.

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Medallions in Destiny 2‘s Guardian Games are the main rewards for completing quests and making sure your class comes out on top at the end of the event. That means farming Medallions is a must. Aside from the bragging rights for putting Hunters, Warlocks, or Titans on top, you can also earn some cool rewards when donating Medallions at the Tower. Our guide tells you how to earn them fast.

Types of Medallions in Guardian Games 2023

There are four Medallion types in the Guardian Games this year. They rank in value in the following order.

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Bronze Medallions are the easiest to get, while Platinum Medallions are the hardest to get (similar to PlayStation’s trophy system).

How to Farm Medallions with Contender and Platinum Cards

Completing the competitive playlist strikes will get you Platinum Medallions, though it could take you up 15 minutes per run to complete these activities. That’s not necessarily fast, but it does guarantee Medallions.

However, the best way to get Platinum and Gold Medallions is by purchasing the Contender and Platinum cards from Eva with Glimmer. Contender Cards cost 1,000 Glimmer and Platinum Cards cost 1,500 Glimmer. You can have up to two (one of each) at a time. Contender Cards usually grant Gold Medallions after completion, and Platinum Cards grant Platinum Medallions.

These are good because you can get them and work on the objective tied to the card through Raids, Trials, and Lost Sectors. These are great missions if you’re running with a Fireteam, and they’re even better if you pay attention to the criteria for bonus progress toward completion.

Guardian Games 2023 Neptune Farming Method

If you’re farming solo, the best farming method would be the Neptune Contender and Platinum cards. It requires you to perform finishing blows on targets on Neptune. The best way to get progress toward this is by selecting Breakneck in Neptune’s Legendary mode.

Pay attention to the type of damage burn you need to get the bonus progression and cater your build to that. Slay all the enemies except the Wyvern. The trick here is to let the Wyvern boss kill you and reset to the checkpoint at the beginning so you can clear out more enemies and speed up the progress on your card.

You can pick up a Platinum Card the instant it’s completed, so whenever you see that you’ve earned a Platinum or Gold Medallion, feel free to back out and pick up another card from Eva.

How to Farm Silver and Bronze Medallions

Earning Silver medallions is a little difficult in Guardian Games 2023. You can get these from activities like Gambit, Quickplay Crucible, Vanguard Playlists, and Neptune missions. However, they’re harder to earn than Bronze Medallions because you have to reach certain scores that will earn you the Silver Medallion, making it difficult to farm them.

Bronze Medallions are a lot easier to farm because they are much more common compared to the other Medallion types. Recreational playlists have a higher chance of netting you a large pile of Bronze Medallions after repeated plays.

That’s how you farm and earn medallions faster during the Guardian Games. If you want to learn more or are looking for more tips, head over to our dedicated Destiny 2 guides page.

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