Corrupted Key Codes are a great way to farm Season of the Splicer gear. This guide will tell you how to find and use them.

Destiny 2: How to Get Corrupted Key Codes and Use Them

Corrupted Key Codes are a great way to farm Season of the Splicer gear. This guide will tell you how to find and use them.

At the end of every Expunge mission in Destiny 2 is a chest. You need an item called a Corrupted Key Code to open it. Getting your hands on these keys can be a laborious process, but you’ll need them if you want a second, reliable farm for Season of the Splicer gear.

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In this guide, we’ll go over how to get Corrupted Key Codes, how to use them, and how to maximize the efficiency of your loot grind.

Destiny 2: How to Get Corrupted Key Codes

Once you’ve completed your first Corrupted Expunge mission on the Code of the Splicer questline, you’ll be able to gather Key Codes by defeating any enemy type in the system. That includes other Guardians in the Crucible.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. So long as you don’t have the maximum of five Keys in your inventory, everything you kill has a chance to drop one. The drop rate is low, but if you go to a high-enemy-density area like Altars of Sorrow or Blind Well, you’ll make the most of the RNG.

Be aware that once you have five Key Codes, you won’t get any more on any character. These items are account-bound, not character-bound, and they won’t go to the Postmaster either. Once you’ve got five, you must go back into Expunge to spend them.

Destiny 2: The Best Way to Use Corrupted Key Codes

As noted, you spend Key Codes at the chest at the end of Corrupted Expunge Missions. If efficiency is your aim, run only the Tartarus Expunge missions on Europa, as it’s by far the shortest. A good run there takes about five minutes if you’re particularly quick.

On top of that, you’ll want to max out the Vulnerability Exploit Splicer Gauntlet Upgrade for a chance at three well-rolled pieces of Seasonal gear.

And that’s it for how to get Corrupted Key Codes in Destiny 2. Check out our other Destiny 2 guides here in GameSkinny.

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