Destiny 2: How to Get the Aquanaut Title in Season of the Deep

Show off your Season of the Deep prowess with the new Aquanaut title for Season 21 of Destiny 2.

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Getting the Destiny 2 Aquanaut title in Season of the Deep is a tough challenge. Like other titles, it requires completing 10 Triumphs before it’s finally yours. Some of these are secret and unknown prerequisites until you complete the action required. Our guide outlines the missions you need to complete to get the Aquanaut title.

Destiny 2 Aquanaut Title: What Missions to Complete

For starters, Destiny 2 has related every Triumph you need to complete to Season of the Deep activities like fishing and salvage quests. Some of these can be easily done as long as you’re participating in Season 21 activities. Of course, others are a bit more difficult. Here’s the list of tasks:

  • Weekly Wetwork: Complete each week of the quest “Into the Depths.”
  • Echo Relocation: Reset your vendor rank with the Sonar Station.
  • Big Fish: Defeat each unique boss in the Salvage activity.
  • Pressurized Deep: Complete a Deep Dive with Pressure Trials active on each encounter.
  • Ambitious Angler: Catch an Exotic fish at any fishing pond.
  • Challenges Accepted: Unlock all Seasonal bonuses earned by completing Seasonal Challenges.
  • Reprised Reckoning: Defeat targets with Season of the Deep weapons. Defeated Guardians grant additional progress.
  • Down the Drain: Defeat each unique boss found on your Deep Dives.
  • Quantity Over Quality: Catch fish at any Fish Pond.
  • Secret: This one is unknown still but an idea is sure to come through as the weeks of season 21 continue.
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These Triumphs can be done solo, but I’ve found the Triumph for Pressurized Deep is easier with a team, as Pressure Trials during Deep Dives tested my limits. Luckily, there are easier ones, like Quantity Over Quality, which simply has you casting a line to fish at ponds.

Those are the 10 Triumphs you’ll need to complete for the Aquanaut Title in Destiny 2. Stay tuned for information on the last Triumph needed to acquire the title for Season of the Deep. For more tips and tricks, head over to our Destiny 2 guides page.

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