Destiny 2: Deep Dive Mode Play Guide

Dive deep into Destiny's Deep Dives and get ahead with this guide.

One of the new game modes in Destiny 2 is Deep Dive Mode which is part of D2‘s season 21, Season of the Deep. This mode puts guardians leagues into the seas of Titan to complete a series of tasks that brings them even deeper. The deeper, the better, as the rewards for this mode are well worth the effort. On top of that, Bungie has said that more things are on the way as Season of the Deep continues in the coming weeks. Before then lets get you caught up on Deep Dive activities with this guide.

How to Play Deep Dive Mode in Destiny 2

This can be done from the HELM on the destinations tab. Just select the HELM and hover the Deep Dive activity on the right to jump right into matchmaking.

How to Progress Deeper in Deep Dive Mode

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The whole point of Deep Dive mode is to get through encounters within the time limit to go deeper. If you don’t make it on time, the game will just send you straight to one of the bosses but with lower tier loot. It is important to note that as you go deeper, the enemy power levels increase with each depth as well. I learned that by being blasted to oblivion by one too many Taken.

At the lowest depths, a boss encounter will trigger. These are hectic fights that won’t let you respawn so staying alive is important here, even when in a team. After defeating the boss the mission will end and you’ll be rewarded with loot and chests that are usually tier 2 unless you have Deep Dive Keys which unlock tier 3 loot. Deep Dive Keys can be earned in the following ways:

  • Seasonal vendor reputation reward
  • Completing Salvage or Deep Dive
  • Playlist activities
  • Depositing fish in the aquarium

What to Do on the Way Down in Deep Dives

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After every encounter in Deep Dives you’ll be diving even deeper into the methane seas. On the way down during dives, keep an eye out for some of the deep sea flora. You can pick up the ones you find for your aquarium back on the HELM.

Another thing to take part in on the way down are the Pressure Trials. Activating these opens more encounters and can streamline farming for good loot as completing everything will increase rewards by two tiers.

These can only be activated by touching the glowing orb of essence that can be found in the first encounter. The bad news is all players in the fireteam have to touch this in order to activate it, so getting everyone in sync could be an issue. I’ve seen some people straight up leave if one of the fireteam didn’t join in.

That’s what there is to know about Deep Dives in Destiny 2‘s Season of the Deep. Bungie says there is more to come as the weeks go on so stick around for more information about Destiny 2 on GameSkinny.

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