Destiny 2 Season of the Wish: Best Dragon’s Gift Buffs in The Coil

Choosing the best Dragon's Gift buffs in The Coil activity in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish makes it much more enjoyable.

A massive Vex arena in The Coil activity.
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The Coil is a roguelike mode in Season of the Wish, and it’s a more straightforward take on the genre. Choosing the right buffs at the beginning of a stage can make the run much easier. Here are the very best Dragon’s Gift Buffs for The Coil in Destiny 2.

The Best Dragon’s Gift Buffs for The Coil in Destiny 2

You’ll want to always choose the best Dragon’s Gift buffs whenever you run through The Coil. Their effects, regardless of tier, can be the difference between fun and frustration. You’ll also likely only get four of the nine on offer, as your resources for buying more are limited.

I’ve done enough Coil runs already to know that there are some options that are just plain better than others — for both early and late-run stages, and they’ve made the mode much more enjoyable whether I’m playing solo or with a squad. Here are my picks for your Fused Wishing Glass.

Tier 1 Dragon’s Gift Buffs

The Dragon's Gift selection menu with Riven in the background.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Rank-and-File Protection

Dealing with trash mobs in The Coil is frustrating enough without adding any of the modifiers that make the activity harder. That’s why I will always pick up Rank-and-File protection from the start. The 20% buff might not seem like much on paper, but having the red bar enemies tickle you as opposed to three-shot you is a massive improvement.

Melee Ability Accelerant

A lot — and I mean a lot — of builds in Destiny 2 rely at least somewhat on having a charged melee ability active, making this buff’s 300% boost to their recharge rate an absolute godsend. Sure, it doesn’t make the cooldown disappear instantly (in most builds, anyway), but it does ensure you’ll have it much more often.

Tier 2 Dragon’s Gift Buffs

The Dragon's Gift selection menu with Riven in the background.

Arc or Stasis Enhancement

There are only three buffs available at Tier 2 of Dragon’s Gift, and two of them are for specific subclasses. As much as I’d love to give the gold stamp to Miniboss Enhancement, trading its 10% damage bonus to Minibosses for a blanket 10% elemental damage bonus is too good to pass up.

If you’re using almost any build worth its salt in Destiny 2, all of the weapons you’re using will be of a matching or synergistic element. If you have Arc and Stasis Enhancement, you can double up with having your Kinetic, Special, and Power weapons all possibly dealing more damage.

Tier 3 Dragon’s Gift Buffs

The Dragon's Gift selection menu with Riven in the background.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Power Weapon Enhancement

With only two options in Tier 3, choosing the best high-power Dragon’s Gift buff was hard, but ultimately, my choice comes down to how The Coil plays solo and as a team, not just as a team.

DPS in Destiny 2 is all about Power ammo, usually Rocket Launchers. A flat 20% bonus to their damage is massive on top of their already stupid output. Sure, a 200% bonus to Super recharge is nice, but there are so many ways to get your Super quickly in the current sandbox I find it almost laughable that such a buff is even an option. If you somehow manage to collect enough resources to buy both Tier 3 Dragon’s Gift buffs, then more power to you.

Those are my picks for the best Dragon’s Gift buffs available while playing The Coil in Destiny 2. Bungie’s experimentation with roguelike elements is picking up steam and is generally getting better with time. Hopefully, they can keep refining it. For more on Season of the Wish and the game in general, see our guides on how to fix the Buffalo error, get the Thorn catalyst, and more in our D2 guides hub.

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