Embrace your inner toy collector in this guide to finding all the Nimbus Action Figures in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Destiny 2: Where to Find All Nimbus Action Figures

Embrace your inner toy collector in this guide to finding all the Nimbus Action Figures in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Destiny 2 is no stranger to secret, arcane collectible quests, and they make another triumphant return in the Lightfall expansion with Nimbus Action Figures. There are nine of these items scattered about Neomuna, unveiled two at a time every week from the expansion’s launch date. In this guide, we’ll detail all their locations, updating as necessary when new weekly resets hit.

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Where to Find All Nimbus Action Figures in Destiny 2

The first Nimbus Action Figures is relatively easy to find, but things quickly get increasingly opaque. The collectibles are hiding in forgotten corners of the map, behind weird mechanics, or otherwise sequestered where few would think to go.

Thankfully, the room where you place the Figures gives a clue as to where you can find them but doesn’t specify exactly what you need to do. All you get is a vague direction and location, with the rest up to your puzzle-solving and item-hunting skills. Here’s where to find them all.

Week 1 Nimbus Action Figures

One of Week 1’s Action Figures is easy to find. The other takes you out of your way and hides the toy behind a three-step process in a portion of Neomuna so far out of the way it’s almost comical.

First Nimbus Action Figure Location

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For the first Nimbus Action Figure, head to Ahimsa Park and go to the indoor arboretum in the middle of the area — the large building with a tree inside. Underneath the stairway leading outside the room is a pile of dirt.

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Head under the landing behind the dirt pile to find the Action Figure.

Second Nimbus Action Figure Location

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To find the second Nimbus Action Figure, head west from the Zephyr Concourse — to the right if you’re coming from Nimbus himself. Run through the building until you reach the Esi Terminal area, then take a left. Go past the first group of Cabal and jump up into the green room with the holographic plants.

Follow the path around until you have to jump on the glass awnings. Jump across them onto the platform below, and beyond them, they take a brief left to reach a portal. Take it.

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After exiting the portal, head through the broken wall past the few Cabal to find where you and Caiatl made your last stand against the Shadow Legion. Head to the middle of the arena from the broken wall and turn around. You’ll see a set of three burning anti-air emplacements. Make your way up to them.

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Jump onto the ruined guns and walk to the very end of each, but don’t fall off. Standing at their end will cause a small black crystal to appear in the distance, directly to the front of the ruined guns.

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Shoot the crystal you see from standing on top of all three guns, and the Action Figure will appear at the end of the one on the far left.

Week 2 Nimbus Action Figures

Neither of the second week’s Action Figures is easy to acquire. The first is easy to get to, but earning it is something else entirely. The second requires a little skill with Strand Grapples and takes longer to reach, but it isn’t hard to earn.

Third Nimbus Action Figure

Head to the bar in Zephyr Concourse and go behind the bar itself as though you were a server. Standing behind one of the menu kiosks will give you an Activate prompt that, when activated, will cause the “Thirsty patrons swarm the bar!” message to appear.

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At this point, you’ll need to fight off Cabal Patron enemies in sets, starting with red-bar Legionnaires and progressing to an orange-bar Colossus. The enemies start appearing one by one and from both sides of the bar but will slowly speed up their appearance. Let too many of them reach the bar, and the activity will fail. Reaching and defeating the Colossus will cause the Action Figure to spawn near the order kiosk.

Fourth Nimbus Action Figure

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The fourth Nimbus Action Figure is one the way to Maya’s Retreat to the east of Liming Harbor. You’ll be lighting braziers to make it appear.

Start by taking the path through the caves across the platforms, then head into the blue-lit cave filled with Vex. The first brazier is at the back-left end of the cave.

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Once you light the first brazier, turn around and head back the way you came, but don’t go over the platforms. Instead, take a right and follow the cliff wall until you reach a large chasm. Jump down and to the right into another cave set into the cliff wall. You’ll find the second brazier there.

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Exit this smaller cave and turn right around the rocks until you reach another chasm. Jump directly across and find the third brazier behind a rocky column. Light it to make the Action Figure appear at its base.

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Week 3 Nimbus Action Figures

The two Nimbus Action Figures you can find in Week 3 aren’t as out of the way as some in previous weeks, but they are about as tedious to acquire.

Fifth Nimbus Action Figure

The fifth Nimbus Action Figure is in the restaurant near Esi Terminal. Take the path toward the third Action Figure, but rather than jumping into the room with the holographic plants, take a right. On the left side of the passageway, past the Cabal enemies, is a doorway leading to a restaurant. 

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Head inside and go to the back of the restaurant. You’ll see a dark, blue-lit room with a computer panel in it. Go in. There’s a sink in the room you can activate. 

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Activate the sink to spawn a set of six orbs, which you’ll need to deposit in another sink nearby.

Three Cabal Chef enemies, invincible Gladiators, will chase you around the restaurant. If they kill you or your leave the area, the activity will fail and you’ll have to start from the beginning. Deposit all six orbs successfully for the Action Figure.

Sixth Nimbus Action Figure 

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The sixth Nimbus Action Figure is easy to get to but a bit harder to acquire. Head to Liming Harbor and go inside the central building. There will be an information kiosk there that you can activate.

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Once you activate the panel, you will need to clear orange-bar enemies in waves of four. 

  • Orange-bar Fanatics
  • Red-bar Goblins
  • Orange-bar Hobgoblins
  • Red-bar Minotaurs

These enemies will have names like Troublemaker, Rabblerouser, etc. Defeat all the waves and you’ll be awarded with the Action Figure.

Those are all the Nimbus Action Figures currently available in Destiny 2 Lightfall, but as more release, we’ll be covering their locations as well. In the meantime, check out the rest of our coverage for the expansion, including how to complete the NODE OVRD AVALON Vexcalibur quest, how to increase your Power level fast, and even more in our D2 guides hub.

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