Destiny 2: Where to Find Lucent Moth Locations

Some of the Lucent Moths in Destiny 2 are hidden in discreet locations. Here's where to find them.

Some of the Lucent Moths in Destiny 2 are hidden in discreet locations. Here's where to find them.
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The new Lucent Moth collectibles in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen allow guardians to rank up their reputation with Fynch and complete the Lepidopterist Triumph.

To earn the Lepidopterist Triumph, you’ll need to collect all 10 Lucent Moths. In this guide, we’ll be going over exactly where to find each Lucent Moth.

Lucent Moth Locations in Destiny 2

Quagmire Lucent Moth

The first Lucent Moth can be found in the Quagmire, near the Extraction Lost Sector on the map.

There will be a tunnel-like area with a bunch of Hive enemies including a wizard that you must kill. Once you’ve dealt with them, a green barrier will disappear, allowing you to grab the first Lucent Moth.

Alluring Curtain Lucent Moth

Head to the Alluring Curtain by using Deepsight nodes to reveal the hidden paths and platforms you must traverse.

Once you reach the open area with a fountain in the middle, you’ll be met by Ir Olena, Moth Keeper, and some hive enemies. Simply kill Ir Olena to make it drop the Lucent Moth.

Apothecary Lucent Moth

To get the next Lucent Moth location, you’ll need to make your way to the apothecary through the Alluring Curtain. This will be a relatively long walk, but doing this right after getting the previous moth makes things more bearable.

Eventually, you’ll reach a balcony area as seen in the image below.

Grab the Deepsight node and shoot all five Hive runes that show up within 30 seconds. The runes should be easy to find as they are all close to one another.

If you’ve done this correctly, the second Lucent Moth should show up near where you initially grabbed the Deepsight node.

Temple of The Wrathful Lucent Moth

To enter the Temple of the Cunning, head north from the landing zone in the Quagmire and enter the cave surrounded by Scorn enemies. Keep descending into the cave until you reach a glowing orange portal.  

Take the portal and head to the right where you’ll find the moth surrounded by an orange barrier and scorn enemies. Kill all the scorn in order to lift the barrier and grab the Lucent Moth.

Temple of The Cunning Lucent Moth

Just like with the Lucent Moth in Temple of The Wrathful, take the orange portal in the cave but go forward this time instead of turning right.

Keep pushing forward until you reach a room with a circular platform surrounded by pillars. The Lucent Moth will be sitting on a pillar to the left.


Miasma Lucent Moth

Ride your sparrow north from Quagmire to Miasma until you reach a swamp-like area. The moth is located on the branch of a tree near the sunken tower. Simply climb up the tree by jumping in order to grab the moth.


Witch’s Echo Lucent Moth

Enter the sunken tower in Miasma, and follow the same path as the one in the Witch Queen’s story campaign.

Once you reach the area seen in the image below, head to the left and where you’ll find a small entrance with green lights.

From there, kill the enemies and use the Deepsight node to reveal the moth’s hidden location.

Court of Thorns Lucent Moth

To get the Court of Thorns moth, you’ll need to start the Wellspring activity from the Throne World map.

The Wellspring activity rotates daily between attacking and defending. The easiest way to get the moth is to start the activity on a defending day as it will be located on a statue in the starting room. It will still be in the same location on attack days, but you won’t be able to grab it as soon as you load into the activity.

Florescent Canal Lucent Moth

The next Lucent Moth is located in the Florescent Canal area of the Throne World. Head East from the landing zone until you reach the fountains surrounding the entrance to Savathun’s castle. The moth can be found floating and rotating around one of the lower fountains as seen below.

Altar of Reflection Lucent Moth

The final moth can be found while playing through the Altar of Reflection missions. Launch the mission from the Throne World Map and proceed as you normally would by solving the runes puzzle. Once you reach the room with hive spawn in the middle, jump up to the balcony to the right of the entrance and grab the Deepsight node

This will reveal new platforms to hop on, where you can find the Lucent Moth on the final one.

And those are the locations of the Lucent Moths in Destiny 2. Check out some of our other Destiny 2 guides here on GameSkinny.

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