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Destiny: Devil’s Lair Guide To 0 Deaths

Everything you need to know to clear Devil's Lair with no deaths.
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

Devil’s Lair is a 3 player fireteam mission. In this mission your goal is to fight through enemies to reach and kill the final boss. This mission is split into three key parts: the Refinery, the Devil Walker, and Sepiks Prime.

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The following enemies appear throughout the Strike in one stage or another. They’re all relatively easy to take down, they just attack in large number. The head is the critical point for every enemy in this battle, except the Shank, Devil Walker, and Sepiks Prime. As far as I’m aware the Shank has no critical point. The Devil Walker has several critical points, every armored leg is a critical point as well as the glowing spot that is exposed when it’s knocked down. Sepiks Prime’s critical point is the large circle at its front. Shielded enemies won’t take critical damage until you break their shield.

  • Dreg: Short-ranged Fallen enemy.
  • Shank: Fallen robot.
  • Vandal: Generally a ranged Fallen enemy.
  • Stealth Vandal: Stealth, can either be ranged or melee.
  • Captain: Shielded, teleports around to avoid damage. Has high damage output.
  • Thrall: Melee Hive enemy.
  • Acolyte: Ranged Hive enemy.
  • Wizard: Shielded, floats around. Generally hides if shield is depleted. Has high damage output.
  • Naksis, Devil Baron: Glorified Captain just has a larger shield, more health, and higher damage.
  • Devil Walker: Heavy damage, dodge its targeted attack or you’ll die in one hit.
  • Sepiks Prime: Heavy damage, drains life if you get too close.

The Refinery:

This is a basic firefight scenario, just kill everything without your entire team falling. There are three waves in total, and each wave increases in difficulty. The trick to this fight is set up camp on the platform area right where you activate the fight from. Enemies will pour in from the far side, and make their way to you. There is a storage container that gives cover for the people on and below the platform. Use that spot when you’re low health or getting swarmed by Vandals.

Wave 1:

In the first wave all you have to worry about Dreg, Vandal, Shank, and two Captains. This wave is very slow-paced, take your time and aim for the critical shots. Take cover if you need to.

Wave 2:

On top of the enemies of the previous wave, this wave spawns two ranged Stealth Vandals; one on the far left corner and one on the far right. About halfway through the wave several melee Stealth Vandals spawn and make their way to the players. You have two options: shoot them, or hide and bottleneck them. Again there are a few Captains to deal with.

Wave 3:

This wave consists of both Hive and Fallen. You can basically let them weaken each other a bit before you actually do anything. However, you can just kill them like normal as well. This wave adds Thralls, Acolytes, and Wizards as well as the previous hazards. Naksis, Devil Baron spawns once most of the wave has been cleared. He is the boss of this segment and the wave clears on his death, even if there are still enemies left. Generally one player’s Special is enough to take Naksis from full health to no health, so don’t waste too much on him.

Devil Walker:

Unlike the Refinery which can be completed solo easily, this portion really relies on team coordination. Devil Walker is located on the far side of an open area, and has several Fallen enemies that prevent just running up to it.


These attacks don’t really have specific names, so I’ll name them by what they do.

  • Electric Charges: Devil Walker discharges spheres that have the potential to one-shot anyone hit by them. Generally only releases them if you get close to it.
  • Shank: Shank enemies are also released at regular intervals.
  • Laser Barrage: Shoots four to five beams at a target.
  • Primary Cannon: This attack is signified by a red targeting laser. If you’re hit by it you will die. The attack radius is really hard to judge though, so if it looks like it’s anywhere near you just get away.

In this fight, you do the most damage by attacking the legs with armor still attached. As you break the armor off the leg, Devil Walker falls exposing a glowing segment that is even more susceptible to attacks. After a short time it will stand back up forcing you to repeat the process.

The trick to killing Devil Walker with no deaths is aggro juggling. Devil Walker tends to attack whoever is doing the most damage to it, so there should be 2 people attacking Devil Walker at all times. Whoever pulls its attention should prepare to start dodging attacks, while the third person starts attacking the Devil Walker in their place. It’s better to just clear the adds out with grenades and not waste much time with them.

Sepiks Prime:

This battle uses much of the same strategy as the Devil Walker. The biggest difference is the ease of the battle. It’s a lot easier to kill Sepiks Prime with two people than it is to kill Devil Walker.


Like the Devil Walker, there aren’t any real names for Sepiks attacks. However, there are only two attacks to watch out for.

  • Beam: Sepiks fires a beam that deals considerable damage if it hits.
  • Drain: That’s really about the only way I can describe this attack. If you get too close to Sepiks it appears that the center circle turns into a vacuum and Sepiks basically just sucks your life away. This attack kills fast so try not to get too close to Sepiks.

Throughout the fight a drop ship brings in Fallen enemies, for the most part these enemies are easily dealt with using grenades or a few shots. The only threat comes from the Captains as they take a bit of effort to kill.

The weak point on Sepiks is the large center circle where its attacks originate from. Like Devil Walker, two people should always be focused on shooting that spot. The third person can handle the adds and try to hold Sepiks attention. Utilize your heavy weapons in this fight to speed it up. Those with Sniper Rifles should also use them on Sepiks when they can hit his weak point.

Following this guide should allow you to clear Devil’s Lair with zero deaths. I hope you found this guide helpful in some way. Good luck and have fun.

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