Destiny Rise of Iron: Wrath of the Machine Raid Guide

Check this guide out for help with completing the Wrath of the Machine raid in Destiny!
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The latest raid in Destiny is called Wrath of the Machine. It involves ending the SIVA threat from the fallen once and for all by taking out the leader.

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Like all the raids, the fights aren’t simply shoot to win. Each encounter as you travel through the raid requires you to complete mechanics and puzzles.

I’m going to go over everything you need to know to complete the entire raid, as well as where the chests are located.

This guide will go over everything needed to complete the Wrath of the Machine raid in Destiny Rise of Iron including:

  • Entrance/Archpriest Part 1 – What to do when you first get into the raid and how to complete the first part.
  • First Chests and Jump Section – How to get past the first jump section and the chests.
  • Vosik, the Archprist Boss Fight – The real fight with the Archpriest and how to beat him.
  • Second Jump Section and Chests – How to get past it and where the chests are located.
  • Repairing the Siege Engine/Death Zamboni Fight – How to complete this encounter.
  • Maze and Chest – How to get through the maze section and the chest you can find in there.

Entrance/Archpriest Part 1

Entrance Encounter

The header video shows me doing the entrance and first jump section, but there is another chest that I did not get in the video.

As soon as you enter the raid, you will see columns of light around the field. You will also see 3 electrical pillars, left middle, and right.

  • Someone needs to run through the light get a voltage buff. 
  • Keep going until the voltage is maxed, then go to one of the pillars and press the action button to discharge it.
    • This will start the encounter.

After charging one of the columns, Vosik the Archpriest appears with some enemies.

  • Split into group of 2, near each electrical pillar.
  • 1 person in each group runs around getting charges until maxed, while the other person kills the enemies.
    • Be sure to take out the Voltage Eaters quickly so they don’t take the voltage from your pillar.
    • When the runners have max charge, go to your designated pillar to discharge.
    • You will die if you run out of time on the buff.
  • When you have charged each pillar enough, SIVA charges will drop. 
    • Pick the charges up, and throw them at Vosik to lower his shield.
  • Once you throw enough, his shield is down and you can damage him.
    • Keep throwing charges even if his shield is low because they do a lot of damage. Switch to weapons when the charges are all gone.
  • When you damage him enough, he will retreat, and you can continue going through the raid.
First Chests and Jump Section

Continue through the raid, jumping up the platforms until you get inside. When you reach the top, you’ll see the first chest at the end of the path.

I don’t have the 2nd chest in this section in the video.

  • When you reach the jump section, keep going until you see a platform near the top with 2 yellow/orange lights
  • Follow the platform around until you reach a room.
  • Go through the room, jump through the little doorway, and follow it until you reach a place to drop down to.
  • Jump across the platforms until you reach the room across the way for the chest.

Just follow the platforms until you reach the main area that leads to the first real boss fight.

Vosik, the Archpriest Boss Fight

  • Shotgun
  • Fusion Rifle
  • Boots

When you walk into the room you will see 4 rooms, 2 on each side, and monitors in the back-middle of the room.

  • When Vosik comes out, he will be immune. You will have to take his shield down with SIVA charges like in the first fight.
  • Split the raid with 2 on left, 2 on middle, and 2 on right.
    • Enemies spawn at each of these points.
  • SIVA charges will also drop down, 1 at each point, throughout the fight.
  • 1 person on each side should grab the charge, while the other clears out enemies.
  • It is very important that all 3 people throw the charges at the same time.
    • When you do this, you deal the most damage on his shield.

Once you throw the charges, 1 of the monitors above the boss will have a symbol on it. Shoot that monitor until it breaks.

  • This will delay the SIVA density from going critical. You must do this each time you throw charges, until his shield breaks.

When the shield breaks, everyone can damage him, so deal as much damage as you can.

  • After you damage him, the SIVA density will go critical because there will be no monitors to shoot.
  • If you stay outside, you will die instantly after the explosion.
  • Remember those rooms on each side of the room? Either the front or back rooms on each side will have a light.
    • Make sure you coordinate ahead of time which side you will run to and everyone needs to run into the same room.
  • When everyone is inside, shoot the wall panel near the entrance until it breaks to make that room safe from the explosion.

After that, you do the same steps over again, damaging him until he dies. Keep in mind that as you lower his shield, Splicer captains will start to spawn on each side, so take them out.

You can only use each room once, so you only have 5 chances to damage him. If you don’t kill him by the 5th damage phase, you will die and there is nothing that can save you.

Second Jump Section and Chests

After the Archpriest is down, continue forward until you see the next jump section.

Again, it isn’t too difficult, but there is a passageway that leads to another chest.

  • Follow the path until you see platforms on the right and tunnel.
  • Jump into the tunnel and follow it into a room.
  • Jump on the pipes on the right side of the room, then up the the grating on the left.
  • When you get up there, take your first left down a hallway.
  • Keep going until you reach the end of the grating, then turn left to see the chest.
  • Go back out and follow the path until you see a drop and some platforms.

At this point it is pretty straightforward.

  • After a couple platforms, you will need to jump to the left wall and carefully jump around to the other side before continuing through the section.

When you reach the last platform, turn around to see beams near the ceiling.

  • Jump on the beam and follow it down the path. The chest is on the left in an alcove

The above video does not have the second chest because I didn’t see it my first time through.

Siege Engine/Death Zamboni/Jabroni/It Doesn’t Matter What the Name Is

  • Artifact
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Chest
  • Arms

This fight is mostly enemy management and unique to most boss fights. The overall goal is to repair the siege engine, but you must take control of it first.

Part 1

When the fight starts, the siege engine will slowly make its way to you, while enemies spawn from all over.

  • You need to have some people shoot the turrets at the top of the siege engine, and some people take out the enemies.
    • How many you have doing each depends on your group and what you need help with the most.
  • When you take out both turrets, the center will open up with fire. Shoot the center until it is damaged, then you can jump on the siege engine.
    • Make sure you do this before it reaches the end, or you will die. You also need to make sure you never go underneath it or you will die.
Part 2

When you get on, ride it until it breaks through the wall, then you can go forward.

Before you leave, look at the ground floor of the siege engine. Looking towards the back, there are 3 sections that you must put parts in: 

  • Front-right – Blue/Driveshaft
  • Middle-left – Yellow/Warhead
  • Back-left – Green/Engine block

When you come back later, there will be a ramp that leads up to the siege engine. The above directions are for when you come up the ramp.

At the end, in front, enemies will spawn after a while. Kill the captain to drop the 3 parts needed to fix the siege engine.

  • Everyone should go left down the ramp and stick with groups of 2.
  • 1 person in each group need to carry the part, which slows them down, while the other shoots mines that pop and enemies.

After 10 seconds the person carrying the part will automatically drop it and must wait 10 seconds before picking it up again.

  • This is when the teams should switch who is carrying and who is shooting.

When you get close to the siege engine, 1 or 2 people should jump on it and head to the top.

  • Kill the enemies you see on the way, then kill the captain at the top. 
  • This will lower the ramp on the right side so you can bring the parts up.

Once you get the parts up there, put them in their right spots.

Again, Blue/Driveshaft is immediately right as you get up the ramp. Yellow/Warhead is a little further back and to the left. Green/Engine Block is all the way in the back-left.

When all the parts are replaced, you win the fight.

Maze and Chests

After you repair the siege engine, you will have to jump down a long drop to get the loot.

  • Jump up the rocks to the right and head to the left edge.
  • Drop down and ump to the little area underneath for a SIVA cluster.

Head back up until you see rocks you can climb on the left and right. 

  • Start on the left, then make your way to the right side.
  • Continue jumping until you see a pipe you can jump to. There is a chest inside.

After this, head back down, then continue going forward in the raid. You will eventually reach a dark room with some invisible enemies.

Once you kill the enemies, you can actually keep walking forward for a bit until the light comes on. This will make getting the final cluster much easier.

  • In the room where the invisible enemies were, there is a small platform underneath the area.
  • The above video shows where it is, but you will have to drop down, then jump to it.
  • If you look across from it, you’ll see the fragment on another platform. Jump to it to get it.

After that, you can continue on to the maze section. This isn’t a hard maze like some of the raids, and only required us to to go back and to the right. I’m not sure if this will change each time you go in.

When you get out of the maze, continue until you see a big drop and you will be at the 1st part of the last boss.

That’s it for this guide on the Wrath of the Machine raid in Destiny. Check out my guide on How to beat Aksis for the last 2 boss fights because there is a lot to do in those fights.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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