This guide has everything you need to know on how to get The First Curse in Destiny!

Destiny: The Taken King – How to get The First Curse

This guide has everything you need to know on how to get The First Curse in Destiny!
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The First Curse is an exotic hand cannon in Destiny. It looks like, and is related to, the Last Word. The perks are opposite though and encourage aiming down the sights, instead of the hip fire perks of The Last Word.

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This gun takes some serious time to get, but the quest is not that hard. I’m going to explain exactly what you need to do to get this gun and clear some things up. Check out my guide on Raising Gunsmith Rank because that is important to getting The First Curse.

This guide will go over how to get The First Curse including:

  • Gunsmith Rank – How to start the quest for The First Curse and the first step you need to do.
  • Imprecation and The First Curse – The second part of the quest and what you need to do.

Gunsmith Rank

The first thing you need to do is raise your Gunsmith rank to 5. This can take a few weeks if you haven’t already started. You do this by completing the test weapons that come on Armsday (Wednesday), picking up the DVALIN relics, completing the one-time Crucible quest that involves the Gunsmith.

Destiny first curse quest

Once you reach Rank 5, Banshee-44, the Gunsmith gives you the first part of the quest. You have to get hand cannon kills while a primary or hand cannon telemetry is active, similar to the class weapon quests. When you get 100%, go back to the Gunsmith to turn in this step. Now you have to wait until the next Armsday to continue.

Imprecation and The First Curse

Once the next Armsday comes, talk to the Gunsmith to get the next part of the quest. He gives you a white quality hand cannon called Imprecation. You have to infuse this weapon, get 7 kill sprees, and 7 precision kills in the Crucible.

1. Kill Sprees

The 7 kill sprees have to be with the Imprecation and it must be in PvE, not the Crucible. This is the easiest one, just go on patrol or on a mission where you can kill many thralls, such as The Dark Beyond on the Moon. It will not keep track of how many sprees you have, so just keep killing and checking the quest until that part is complete.

2. Precision Kills

The precision kill streak must be in the Crucible, but it is not an actual kill streak and is easier than it sounds. You must still use the Imprecation, but you only need 7 precision kill in one game, not one life.

You can die as many times as you want during the match, you just have to get the precision kills before tha match ends. If you don’t get it done in a match, it resets.

3. Infuse

It starts at 200 and you need to get it to at least 260 to complete the infuse part of the quest. This does not require marks or materials, but it will still destroy whatever gun you infuse into it. There is an extra upgrade node that appears when it is high enough, fill that in to complete it.

Destiny first curse imprecation

The Waiting Game

Once you complete all 3 steps, talk to the Gunsmith to turn in. The bad news is now you have to wait until the next Armsday again. The good news is the quest is basically over, you only need to wait until Armsday, then talk to the gunsmith to get The First Curse.

You can view this gun at the armory if you want to see all the perks. The primary perks make this gun great:

  • Dead Eye – Bonus to range, stability, and movement speed when aiming down the sights.
  • Triple Tap – Rapidly landing 3 precision hits returns 1 round to the magazine.
  • The First Curse – Precision kills while aiming down the sights grant increased range and stability until the next reload.

That’s all for my guide on How to get The First Curse in Destiny. Let me know if you have any questions!

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