Detective Pikachu Returns: Ruins Statue Puzzle Solution

Here's how to solve the Ruins statue puzzle in Detective Pikachu Returns!

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Once you open the Ruin doors in Detective Pikachu Returns ,you’ll be met with yet another locked door blocking your way. To progress the story, you must figure out how to open the door in the statue room.  If you’re stuck, don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll show you how to solve the statue puzzle in Detective Pikachu Returns

Detective Pikachu Returns: Ruins Statue Puzzle Solution

All of the statues are Passimian. If you go to the room to the left, you’ll find a mural of three Passimian, each eating a different berry. Each istatue s making a face reacting to the berry’s flavor. The expressions that they make are Sweet, Sour, and Spicy. You must place the right berries on each statue that correspond with the mural

How to Find a Sweet Berry, a Sour Berry, and Spicy Berry

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You can find a yellow Shuca Berry (sweet) and a blue Yache Berry (sour) on trees outside of the ruins. There are trees that have the same colored fruit so make sure you get the right berries.

However, finding a red spicy Tamato Berry is more difficult. Go back to the campsite and talk to Chris. He’ll give you some spicy curry to substitute for the Tamato Berry

How to Place the Berries on the Ruins Statues

Once you have all three items, go back into the room with the three statues.

  • Place the yellow Sucha Berry on the left.
  • Place the blue Yache Berry on the right.
  • Place the Curry in the middle.

Once you place each item on the right statue the Aegislash will open, letting you progress. 

That’s the Ruins statue puzzle solution in Detective Pikachu Returns. The puzzle answer itself isn’t all that difficult to find, but getting the right items can be a chore. If you need help solving more puzzles or cases, check out our DPR guides hub.

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