Deus Ex Go complete guide to beating levels 1 – 7

We show you step by step how to get Adam Jensen through the first seven levels of this cyber espionage puzzle game!

We show you step by step how to get Adam Jensen through the first seven levels of this cyber espionage puzzle game!
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The Deus Ex stealth experience has officially been transported into a mobile format, tasking you with sneaking through a gigantic corporate headquarters to track down a contact and learn some nefarious secrets.

The entire point of this app is to discover how to get through each increasingly difficult level through trial and error, so you are sort of killing your own fun by looking up a walkthrough. Might we suggest reading our guide to how the mechanics work instead? That explains all the basics you need to know to puzzle out every floor’s course on your own.

If you’re hit the wall though and are experiencing some serious frustration with a specific level, below we cover step by step how to pass the first seven levels in the fewest number of moves.

Deus Ex Go Level 1

This one’s as simple as they come and only serves to teach the basic mechanics, although there’s no tutorial so it is  possible to lose the first time or two while figuring out how the turn system works.

To beat this level, move up to the top-left circle (just to the left of the guard facing away from you), which will make the guard on the far right chase after you.

  Take out the top guard as the lower guard turns around 

While the lower guard is still red, kill the top guard from behind. Keep going to the right as the lower guard returns to his original position. Since he’s facing left, he won’t see you coming from above, allowing a stealth kill from the side.

 Kill the lower guard from above as he’s looking the wrong direction

Deus Ex Go Level 2

This one’s a bit of a wild goose chase that teaches you how to use the turn based movement to your advantage to get past an enemy. Head right and then up to the center circle, which will trigger the guard to turn red and give chase.

Move to the far left to keep the guard chasing after and then go up and turn right. Keep moving back and forth along the top row until he returns to his original position, then move down to the center row on the far left side, initiating another chase.

Since he’ll run all the way to far left end, you have time to go right and then down as he’s running the wrong direction.

 Move past the guard while he’s running towards the left side wall

Deus Ex Go Level 3

The third level brings in the invisibility augmentation, which you have to use in conjunction with the turn based chasing mechanic from the last level. At the start move up one circle to grab the invisibility augmentation, then immediately deploy it by tapping the triangle in the top-right corner and then tapping your own circle.

Move right one circle – since you are invisible, the guard won’t see you. You can move up and stealth kill him, but it’s not necessary and just wastes a move.

 Moving invisibly past the first guard

Instead, go right one circle and then up one circle, which will initiate a chase. Immediately go to the right side to break off line of sight (remember that guards can’t see sideways – only the direction they are looking). Move down and then back up to force the guard to start returning to his original position.

 Waiting for the guard to go back where he started

Now return to the center lane and move up one circle. When the guard hits his starting point, he turns around and sees you again, initiating another chase. Move to the left to break line of sight, and then go up and grab the second invisibility augmentation.

Move down one circle and activate invisibility. Keep in mind it is only active for one single move, and its useless if the guard has already spotted you. Go right, which uses your invisible move and places you just below the unsuspecting guard, then move up to stealth kill him and exit the level.

 Using invisibility to kill the guard

Deus Ex Go Level 4

This one requires a little extra thought into how each guard will move every turn. Head right and then up, triggering line of sight with the left guard. Don’t go for the invisibility augmentation yet though, as you can’t reach it  before the guard kills you. Instead head up, triggering the guard on the right.

 Caught between a rock and a hard place!

Move up, then go right and immediately move back left so you are back at the top most point of the center lane. Move back down one circle. The guard on the right will see you again and give chase, but it doesn’t matter because you are moving down to the lane with the invisibility augmentation.

Since the left guard is still running back to his original starting position, you now have time to dash to the left and pick it up before he hits you.

 Always use the guard’s movement restrictions against them

After grabbing the invisibility augmentation, the left guard will turn around and see you. Head right and then up again so you are on the top lane, at which point both guards will be giving chase. Move left and right on the top lane repeatedly until the right guard is back in his starting position.

When you are standing on the top-right circle, activate invisibility and then move down one, which lets you go past the right guard without being seen. Now you can go down and exit the level. Again, you can kill the guard while invisible, but this wastes a move.

 Now he can’t see you!

Deus Ex Go Level 5

This is another wild goose chase level where you have to plan your moves correctly to get just ahead of the guard as he chases. Move onto the center lane so the guard sees you and then hide by moving down onto the lower triangle.

Move up and down the left side of the lower triangle repeatedly until the guard is past you, then head back up to the center lane. When the guard turns around and chases again, move up onto the top triangle.

 This chasing gets sort of silly.

Head over to the right side of the top triangle so you are directly above the guard – remember that he can’t see you as you are on his side. Now just move directly down to stealth kill him and exit the level.

 These guards have absolutely no peripheral vision.

Deus Ex Go Level 6

This level introduces a new mechanic – using guards against each other. As it turns out, guards block each other’s lines of sight, and a stationary guard actually blocks a running guard from moving, allowing you to sneak past.

Move up, left, and then up all the way to the top lane. You will be tempted to try to stealth kill the center guard – don’t do it. As soon as you enter his circle, the top guard will automatically move down and kill you.

 Don’t go center, go the top route instead.

Move over to the right so the center guard sees you and starts chasing. Immediately go back left and then down to the center lane. With the center guard still moving, the guard on the right will see you and start giving chase.

 Getting the far right guard’s attention

Now move back up to the top lane. You’ll notice the charging right guard is stuck trying to move past the stationary center guard. Go to the far right again to force the center guard to give chase. Why are we doing this? Because now the guards will be reversed – when the center guard returns to his starting position, the guard from the right will now be stuck on the left and unable to move, allowing you a path through.

 The guard is now stuck on the left side.

Move down to the lower lane and all the way to the right. The path is now clear to go up and right to the desk, which is the level’s finish point.

Deus Ex Go Level 7

This level introduces turrets, which kill you as soon as you enter their line of sight, unlike the guards that have to chase first. You can use turrets to your advantage though by positioning guards in the appropriate way.

Move down one circle to grab the invisibility augmentation, then move down again to get the guard’s attention.

 Getting the guard to give chase

Whatever you do – don’t move down yet! The turret will automatically see you and fire. Instead, activate the invisibility augmentation while the guard is chasing you and then move down, preventing line of sight with the turret.

Move to the right out of the turret’s line of fire. Now move right and left repeatedly (without entering the line of fire for either the right or left turret) until the guard is on the circle just above you.

 Mirroring the guard’s movements on the lower lane

While both you and the guard are exactly one circle to the left of the right-hand turret, move one circle to the right. This puts you in the turret’s line of fire, but since the guard is above you, he will get hit instead. Now you can simply move right and up to finish the level.

 Using the guard as a human shield! 

Congratulations, you beat the first seven levels! Let us know in the comments section if you figured out how to complete of these floors using fewer moves or if you found any other strategies for distracting guards. Next up we’ll be covering levels 8 –  14!

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