Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Passwords & Code List

Having trouble getting into a vexing laptop or stubborn locked door? We reveal every single password and lock code in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided!

Having trouble getting into a vexing laptop or stubborn locked door? We reveal every single password and lock code in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided!

It’s what fans have been long waiting for: a true successor to the original Deus Ex. And highlight of the series Mankind Divided has finally arrived (read our full review here)!

From Dubai to Prague to the slum Golem City, there’s a whole lot of secured laptops and sealed doors trying to prevent you from finding all that sweet loot and secret intel. 

Something like a locked door is no match for augmented super human Adam Jensen, though, with his advanced hacking abilities. In some cases, you might not have spent enough Praxis to unlock the toughest locks, however.

Finding Passwords

While exploring the game, it’s important to grab every single pocket secretary device you come across, and always hack laptops whenever possible to read the emails within. These are often found in out-of-the-way locations, so be sure to check every nook, cranny, vent, and rooftop while you traverse an area.

Both pocket secretaries and emails frequently have codes to other computers or locked doors, vastly increasing both the lore of the game and also the areas you can explore. If you haven’t managed to find a specific password or don’t have the patience for the hacking mini-game, below we list out every single code and number combination needed throughout the entire game’s main story mode.

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Master Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Password List

Location Locked Object Code
 Dubai – 1st Mission 1st keypad you come across with no power  0451
 Dubai – 1st Mission Rooftop part 2 storage room door  4801
 Dubai – 1st Mission Penthouse / Atrium door  0682
 Apartment 22  Door in Prague starting apartment building  0310
 Apartment 23  Safe hidden behind refrigerator  9002
Apartment 23  Laptop on counter  KRODINE
 Apartment 41 Cultist’s laptop on table  THEVOIDWHICHBINDS
 Svobody Beer Door to the basement 1015 
Capek Fountain Station  Door to ticket booth  3998
Hlavni 33 Apartments  Right side storage 4227 
Hlavni 33 Apartments  Left side storage  2913 
Hlavni 33 Apartments  Apartment 201 door  6864 
Toy Factory  Safe  2489 
Palisade Bank  Prybil safe  0310 
Palisade Bank  Miller safe  1363
Palisade Bank  Vault  5545 
Palisade Bank Executive Vault Room A08  1305
Palisade Bank 8th Floor Account Management  0863 
Palisade Bank  7th Floor Executive safe  2357 
Palisade Bank Account Manager Office  0831 
Palisade Bank  Vault A Secret Room safe 1114 
Palisade Bank 3rd Floor Security Room computer  CLEMENZA 
Palisade Bank  Vault B safe 1110 
Palisade Bank  7th Floor Security Room computer  AKLVD6681 
Palisade Bank Executive services safe 6477 
Palisade Bank  3rd Floor Maintenance 6745
Palisade Bank  9th Floor IT Services door 1969 
 Palisade Sewer Level 3 terminal  1363 
Palisade Sewer  Level 4 safe  4863
 Palisade Station Storage locker west of the station in “Fade To Black” mission 2565 
DaiTaga  Basement door  5622 
Task Force 29  Office Safe 2023 
Task Force 29   IT office  5545 
 Task Force 29  Duncan Macready’s computer  SHARP007 
 Task Force 29  Server room computer CLOD04SFD8S 
Task Force 29 Ethan’s computer FRAKKINGUPTHEA 
 Task Force 29 Aria’s computer TUSCANY2023 
Task Force 29  Dr. Phillips’ computer NEUROPOZYNE
Task Force 29  Vincent Black’s computer ORIGAMI1970 
Ruzicka Station  Maintenance room door 0808 
Ruzicka Station  Security door 8066 
 Ruzicka Station Security terminal  DELLAROCCA 
 Ruzicka Station Ticket booth terminal ANTARES 
Golem City  Restricted area safe 2544 
Golem City Room 350420 VM451
Golem City Martine Onzome’s safe  9990 
Golem City  Police barracks  2223
Golem City  Medical lockup  6123 
 Pilgrim Station Server room  9143 
Cyber Crime Office  Selina’s laptop  7734 
Government Registration Office  Abandoned computer  SAMITHEDOG 
Lekarna Pharmacy  Nicholas Cipra’s computer  OWNINGTHEDEVIL 
Time Machine  Koller’s storage  1984 
LIMB Clinic  Door during “Taking Care Of Business” mission  4464 
LIMB Clinic Helipad  Door to helipad area  4465
Allison Complex  Fourth floor door  0011 
Dvali Base  Locked gate during “Neon Nights” mission   0311
London Apex Center  Second floor VIP room door 2202
London Apex Center  CSO office security override switch  5395
 Registration Building Back room door during “Golden Ticket” mission  6788 
 Safe House Third floor door during “All In The Family” mission 0666 
 Tube House Electronics Locked door  0310 


That’s every single computer terminal and locked door we’ve come across so far in our playthroughs! With such a huge world to explore though, its always possible we missed a few. 

Let us know if we missed any door codes or laptop keys so we can get them added to the master list of Deus Ex Mankind Divided passwords!

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