Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - completing all objectives in Black Market Buy

We walk you through completing all the level objectives and unlocking all the available achievements in this opening stealth level!

It's time to get back into the action as augmented super human Adam Jensen! The opening mission Black Market Buy has you outfitted with a wider array of powers and weapons than you get in the next area of the game exploring Prague, so have fun here utilizing all the abilities.

Black Market Buy features several side quests that are easy to miss but offer bonus experience and even opportunities to unlock some difficult achievements early on.

During the opening cut-scene mission briefing, you can choose either the lethal or non-lethal loadout and still do everything in this level, but non-lethal is quieter and can be helpful in getting past the terrorists in the ending segment without being spotted.

Up to you!

There are a few things to keep in mind throughout the level: first and foremost, whenever possible loot every single body you come across, even the construction workers you didn't kill. You want those extra grenades and all that ammo or credits.

When given the option, be sure to also complete each of the cover, stealth, and combat tutorials throughout this level – even if you have extensively played the previous games. The area resets after the tutorial so you can complete the section however you want, and you unlock the Adept Of The Metaverse achievement after finishing them all.

There are alternate routes to going through all of these objectives below – this is just one method to play through, and finding the others is a big part of the Mankind Divided experience.

Restore Power To Keypad

The first section of the level is very self explanatory after you leap out of the plane and land on the roof. Just follow the path until you have to crouch to go beneath the fan blade, smash through a vent, and then climb up a ladder.

To pass the area here, you have to utilize the item pickup feature to grab the three large crates and pull them away from the opening to create a path.

Making your own entrance

Go forward and jump up the ledges, then crouch down and jump through the small opening into the next room. Turn on Smart Vision and then smash through the structurally weak point of the wall.

Jump up onto the rafters and then crouch down through the small opening to reach the breaker. Flip the switch, but don't go through the open door to your right – it's now electrified. Instead jump up on the breaker box and return the way you came.

Walk up to the keypad next to the locked door. Instead of hacking the keypad, enter the code “0451” to unlock the A Heated Combination achievement.

First opportunity for an achievement!

Jam The Signal Booster

The next few segments of the tower are teaching areas that show you how the cover, stealth, and combat systems work. You can approach these sections any way you please, and they are fairly self-explanatory. Decide whether you want to go for full stealth and non-lethal take downs or instead go loud and chuck grenades with your rifle set to full auto.

Either way, the next part of the game you want to pay special attention to is when you enter the Conservation Lounge. Turn into the Penthouse segment (if you aren't sure where you are, pull up the map – each room is labeled) and go up the ladder. This area is swarming with guards if you went the stealth route, so you may need to throw a grenade first to quickly clear the floor.

Finding the signal booster

Follow the scaffolding above the ladder and then enter the vent to your left that's filled with dirt. Don't turn at the end – instead punch out the grating and keep going forward into the next vent segment. Turn left at the end of this section. You should be able to see two guards in a room filled with equipment.

This is the room you want

The signal booster is the device with the green blinking light sitting on top of a dented yellow tripod. Just approach and interact with it to finish this side objective and earn yourself an extra 250 experience.

Taking out the signal booster

Disable The Chopper / Save Singh

After sealing off the Atrium by hacking the control pad you have two options – jump straight down, or take the elevator. Either offers stealth opportunities, as you can use Icarus Strike to take out the guard beneath without being spotted.

The point of this section is to disable the chopper before the unknown assailants in gold masks kill Singh, which is much harder than it sounds.

The entire area has zero visibility due to the standstorm. You will need to make extensive use of Smart Vision or you are going to accidentally walk into a field of fire or bump into a shooter, which means you need to have several energy-restoring items on hand until you learn the layout.

Getting into a big firefight is a sure fire way to lose as the battle drags on against overwhelming odds. The best method to both take out the chopper and save Singh is to bypass the firefight altogether and stealth your way to the back of the helicopter. There's two different routes to take, left or right, and either can work.

What you need to do is quickly get all the way to the far left or right wall and hug it until you reach the chopper. If an enemy gets in the way, take them out using a non-lethal takedown whenever possible so you make no noise and don't alert anyone else in the storm to your position. The key here is stealth and speed together as one.

To take out the chopper, you just have to open the hatch on the back right side and mess with the engine, but the panel itself is invisible in the storm until you activate Smart Vision. Disabling the chopper effectively finishes the mission.

The chopper's hatch location

If Sing survives, you unlock the Singh No Swan Song achievement. If you make it to the chopper and disable without alerting anyone, the Ghost achievement will also pop.

Now that you've done it once, be sure to go back and try it again, exploring more of the nooks and crannies riddled extra items in hidden caches and go through alternate routes using a different play style!

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Published Aug. 24th 2016

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