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Diablo 4: All Hawezar Cellar Locations

Many cellars are located through the swampy region of Hawezar. Here are their precise locations.

Hawezar is the last region you’ll visit as part of the main campaign in Diablo 4. A swampy, festering region, it harbors plagues and snake people. Across its eight areas, it holds 29 permanent cellars and two side quest min-dungeons. Here are their exact locations.

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The Precise Locations of All Cellars in Hawezar

Each area of Hawezar has a different number of cellars. Each emits a deep orange glow, making its entrance stand out from the surroundings. Some have mobs loitering out front, while others are more secluded.

All Quest Spawned Locations

A total of three cellars spawn as a result of a side quest. Once you clear the crypt and complete the quest task, they’ll despawn. On the map, you can see which ones are part of a quest because they’re highlighted in blue and have a quest token attached to them.

  • Eldritch Conclave in the Writhing Mire as part of the Past Regrets side quest.
  • Isolated Shack in the Forsaken Coast as part of the Bait The Trap side quest.
  • Strange Refuge in Blightmarsh as part of side quest At Any Cost.

All Cellar Locations in the Blightmarsh

There are three mini-dungeons to find in this area of Hawezar.

Bleak Basement

If you’ve already been to Timue, you’ll find the Bleak Basement north of her location. If not, it’s just west of an Altar of Lilith.

Slimy Cavern

Slimy Cavern is in the northern part of Blightmarsh. There are four routes you can take in the top part of the area and head north; this one is directly south of the route that’s second from the right.

Swarmed Mineshaft

This cellar is in the southern portion of Blightmarsh. A health bowl is close to the entrance of the Swarmed Mineshaft. It’s also close to Captain Willocks, a unique elite enemy (though he doesn’t count toward the rare monster challenges).

All Cellar Locations in the Dismal Foothills

There are four cellars to find in Hawezar’s Dismal Foothills region.

Bloodpox Infestation

Fast travel to Wejinhani or Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court to get to the Bloodpox Infestation area quickly. It’s located near the darker shaded area of the Dismal Foothills’ western section.

Cinder Shack

If you’re looking for a smoking cellar, the Cinder Shack can be found north of a series of jump/slide/duck areas. It’s also directly west of Wejinhani.

Feeding Den

Head to Pilgrim’s Cave and some cannibals to find the aptly named Feeding Den. The point of interest is near the north entrance where Renn Dayne spawns.

Mountain Storeroom

The Mountain Storeroom can be found just west of the Light’s Refuge dungeon. The Wejinhani waypoint is the closest you can portal to this one.

All Cellar Locations in the Fethis Wetlands

There are four crypts to plunder in the Fethis Wetlands area.

Cursed Cabin

The Cursed Cabin is located along the southern coast of the Fethis Wetlands. It’s at the top of a small clearing in the southwest of the area, just north of an Altar of Lilith. While the name sounds like a horror movie, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding and clearing this cellar.

Dark Catacomb

The Dark Catacomb is near the Lost City of Ureh in the Fethis Wetlands. Fast travel to the Ruins of Rakhat Keep and head toward the west exit. Continue west along the top edge, taking care not to cross into the Dismal Foothills. If you end up at the 2-shaped path toward the Lost City of Ureh, you’ve gone too far. This one is north of you.

Desecrated Cellar

The Desecrated Cellar is located along the western border of the Fethis Wetlands and Umir Plateau. It’s between the southern paths that connect the two areas, right next to a Shrine.

Swamped Hideout

Situated in The Devouring Moore area of the Fethis Wetlands, you’ll find the Swamped Hideout. Close to the northern paths out of the area, it’s east of an Altar of Lilith.

All Cellar Locations in the Forsaken Coast

Again, there are four points of interest to find in the Forsaken Coast region of Hawezar.

Aya’s Hideaway

Head west from the northern Altar of Lilith in the Forsaken Coast to find Aya’s Hideaway. You can also take the path east of the Bleak Basement, then go north to find it.

Fetid Hive

Fetid Hive is in the northeast portion of the area. It’s north of Backwater, and if you have the side quest A Debt Repaid, you’ll find the cellar on the edge of the Flinn search area.

Tidal Burrow

Tidal Burrow is along the southeast coast, above an Altar of Lilith. Head directly south from Backwater to find it easily.

Waterlogged Grave

You’ll find the Waterlogged Grave in the south of the Forsaken Coast. It’s directly south of a Shrine and an Altar of Lilith.

All Cellar Locations in the Rotspill Delta

There are four more cellars to find in the Rotspill Delta region.

Decaying Cavern

In the southwestern area of The Endless Decay, in the Rotspill Delta, is where you’ll find the Decaying Cavern. Located right above a zone event spawn area, the closest waypoint is all the way at the Ruins of Rakhat Keep.

Flooded Burial Pit

The Flooded Burial Pit is found in the farthest north path of the area. North of a Shrine in the Foulsands, fast traveling to the Tree of Whispers will get you there quickly.

Shipwreck Shack

Located in a landlocked area of Rotspill Delta, who knows why this cellar is titled Shipwreck Shack. You’ll find it directly south of the Flooded Burial Pit.

Swamp Hovel

The Swamp Hovel is directly south of Shipwreck Shack in The Vile Encroach area of the Rotspill Delta. If you haven’t found the Shipwreck Shack or the Flooded Burial Pit, you can head west from The Creaking Hulls until you hit a Shrine. That’s where you stumble upon Hawezar’s Swamp Hovel.

All Cellar Locations in the Toxic Fens

Here are the exact locations of the three cellars in the Toxic Fens.

Rotting Cave

Rotting Cave is located along the southern coast of the Toxic Fens. Head south from the southern exit of Vyeresz, then go a bit to the west. If you find Leviathan’s Maw dungeon, you’ve gone too far south and not enough west, but you’re in the vicinity.

Shoreside Shack

True to its name, Shoreside Shack is along the coast in the Rotting Embankment. If you’ve found the Ghoa Ruins dungeon, go east to find this cellar. Otherwise, you can find it by heading east from the Rotting Cave cellar.

Toxic Mine

Northeast of the Ruins of Erdu dungeon is where you’ll find the Toxic Mine. Head out of Vyeresz via the left exit, then go north at the fork. From there, go directly west to reach the cellar.

All Cellar Locations in the Umir Plateau

There are three locations to discover in Umir Plateau.

Commandeered Lodge

The Commandeered Lodge is in the southern area of Umir Plateau. Portal to Zarbinzet, then take the southern exit. Head directly south and either follow the path around the loop to the west or take the jump/duck/slide, then go south. Both ways will get you to the Commandeered Lodge.

Holy Refuge

The Holy Refuge cellar can be discovered off to the northeast of Zarbinzet. It’s situated in a large swath of area before the path to the Lost City of Ureh.

Rocky Burrow

West of Zarbinzet is where you’ll unearth the Rocky Burrow cellar. It’s in a small area connected with multiple jump points, as well as a path. You’ll find a Shrine near it, as well.

All Cellar Locations in the Writhing Mire

There are four locations to find in the Writhing Mire region of Hawezar.

Mire Hideout

The Mire Hideout can be quickly reached by traveling to the Tree of Whispers. Take the exit directly south of the Tree, then head east to a dead-end section.

Sunken Hut

Portaling to the Tree of Whispers will shorten the journey to this cellar. The Sunken Hut is in the northwest area, near a large unexplorable space near the Fetid Mausoleum dungeon.

Swamp Nest

Down toward the southern portion of the Writhing Mire is where you’ll find Swamp Nest. It’s a bit of a maze of paths in this area, so be on the lookout for the Misshapen Labyrinth section and the orange glow.

Tormented Pit

The Tormented Pit is in a western area above where an event spawns. In a small section of land close to a path to the Dismal Foothills is where you’ll find it. It’s also located near a Shrine.

That’s where to find all 29 cellars in the Hawezar region of Sanctuary. With gold, loot, and experience to collect, farming through these locations can help you level up quickly. For other articles like this, class builds, and more, check out our Diablo 4 guides hub.

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