Where to Find All 15 Extremely Rare Monsters in Diablo 4 — and How to Beat Them

Here's how to kill all extremely rare monsters to complete three challenges in Diablo 4.

The Trophy Hunter challenge in Diablo 4 pits you against 15 rare monsters in Sanctuary. Scattered throughout the game’s various regions, you’ll need to travel far and wide to find them. Each enemy has their own unique battle style and moveset you’ll have to accommodate for. Here’s where to find each extremely rare monster in Diablo 4 and how to beat them.

Diablo 4 Extremely Rare Elite Enemies and Challenges Explained

There are three different challenges you’ll end up completing when you kill the last elite enemy on the list:

  • Opportunist: Kill extremely rare monsters in the open world.
    • Rewards you the titles Unholy and Nightmare
  • Poacher: Kill 10 different extremely rare monsters in the open world.
    • Rewards you the titles Holy and Terror
  • Trophy Hunter: Kill all extremely rare monsters in the open world.
    • Rewards you the titles Merciless and Pursuer

While enemies typically scale with your level in Diablo 4, once you hit the minimum required by the zone, you’ll want to wait until between Levels 25 and 30 to start hunting them. Even if you’re easily beating mobs in the area, the extremely rare monsters on this list pack quite a punch — I can attest from experience.

Each of the elite enemies also drops their own hidden rare item upon death, which can top the power cap for rare items. The stats for the item depends on your level when you slay them.

When looking for the Rare Elite enemies, you’ll notice a shining light ping on the mini-map in its direction. If you’re looking on the regular map, you’ll also see the ping where the Elite is if you’re close enough to it.

How to Find and Beat All Extremely Rare Monsters in Diablo 4

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Fractured Peaks Monster Locations

There are four extremely rare elite enemies to slay in the Fractured Peaks.

  1. Corlin Hulle
  2. Rotsplinter
  3. Sir Lynna
  4. “Wrathful” Osgar Reede
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Corlin Hulle

Corlin Hulle The Multiplicitous is located in the Sinner’s Pass area of Fractured Peaks. You’ll find him above the Hoarfrost Demise dungeon, east of Kyovashad. Like other multiplicitous enemies, Corlin will split into three when you engage him in combat. I focused on the cold version first as I struggled to avoid getting frozen the most. I’d suggest doing the same for elements you’re weak against. You’ll also be attacked by wraiths during this battle, so be prepared for mobs, too.

Corlin Hulle drops the Staff of Elemental Command:

  • + X Damage to Crowd Controlled enemies
  • + X Fired damage
  • + X Lightning damage
  • + X Cold damage
  • Empty Socket
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Rotsplinter is a tricky tree. Hidden to the west of Menestead in a small outcropping, he just sits there like a normal tree, waiting to surprise attack you. Get close to him, and he’ll awaken, ready to beat you to a pulp.

Rotsplinter was the one elite enemy on this list I had a hard time defeating. He packs quite a punch, and his constant plague goop and spiders he sheds can quickly eat at your health. As a Barbarian, trying to get in close to get his health down was more running around than actual combat. This fight will be much easier for ranged attackers as they can deal damage and avoid his tree fists.

Rotsplinter drops the Ring of Splintered Wood:

  • % Lightning Resistance
  • % Poison Resistance
  • + X Critical Strike Chance
  • + X Poison Damage
  • + X Damage to Close enemies
  • Empty Socket
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Sir Lynna

North of Kyovashad, near the Temple of Light dungeon, is where you’ll find the corrupted knight Sir Lynna Disciple of the Dark. This was a relatively straightforward battle with few surprises, so it’s one of the easier rare enemy battles you’ll face in Diablo 4.

Sir Lynna drops the Darkblade:

  • Fast Weapon – Slashing
  • % Critical Strike damage
  • + X Shadow Damage
  • + X Damage to Affected By Shadow Damage Over Time enemies
  • Lucky Hit: Up to a % chance to Execute Injured non-Elites
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“Wrathful” Osgar Reede

You’ll find “Wrathful” Osgar Reede waiting between Nostrava and Nevesk. I personally went to Nevesk and headed north, but you can reach him by either route.

He dishes out fire damage like candy, but as long as you avoid his attacks, you should defeat him easily enough. When he dies, back off for a moment as he triggers a delayed explosion. I defeated him and then died to the explosion since I had no more dodges left — so don’t be like me.

Osgar Reede drops the Mace of Blazing Furor:

  • Fast Weapon – Bludgeoning
  • + X Overpower damage
  • + X Damage to Burning enemies
  • + X Damage while Berserking
  • + X Overpower Damage
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Scosglen Rare Monster Locations

There are four extremely rare enemies in the Scosglen region.

  1. Blind Odwyn (on the list as Blind Edlin)
  2. Garbhan Ennai
  3. Gaspar Stilbian
  4. Lord Eonan
Blind Odwyn

Blind Odwyn can be found in the corrupted Shrouded Moors. He’s on the southwest side of the area and is relatively easy to miss because he blends in with the environment quite well. He’s vampiric, so you’ll want to avoid his attacks to keep him from healing and prolonging the fight.

Blind Odwyn drops the Blind Man’s Bell:

  • % Resistance to all Elements
  • % Control impaired duration reduction
  • % Damage reduction while Injured
  • + X Movement speed for 4 seconds after killing an Elite
Garbhan Ennai

Garbhan Ennai, The Butcher of Cerrigar, is directly east of Cerrigar. He can be found with bandits, Fly Swarms, and Plague Maggots in a corrupted field. The hardest part of this rare enemy battle is the sheer number of mobs that join in. If you can, I suggest having good AoE attacks to make this fight a piece of cake.

Garbhan Ennai drops the Manhunter’s Breeches:

  • While Injured, your potion also grants % Movement Speed for 2 seconds
  • +2 Ranks of Rabies (Druid only)
  • + X Damage for 4 seconds after killing an Elite
  • + X Healing Received
  • Empty Socket x2
Gaspar Stilbian

Gaspar Stilbian is between an Altar of Lilith and the Whispering Pines dungeon in the Highland Wilds area of Scosglen. He can be easy to miss since he hangs out in the background, almost outside of the play area. As you fight mobs in the area, he may slowly walk out of where he normally hides, so keep an eye out so you’re not ambushed.

Gaspar is relatively easy, but he’s surrounded by other mobs. Just keep your health up and dish out the damage to take care of this guy.

Gaspar drops the Outcast’s Handwraps:

  • +2 Ranks of Incinerate (Sorcerer only)
  • + X Fire Damage over Time
  • Lucky Hit: Up to a X chance to Slow
Lord Eonan

You’ll find Lord Eonan in the Deep Forest southwest of the Tur Dulra Stronghold. He’s an undead wizard with a spear through his chest, so he’s not too hard to miss. He can summon other mobs, so once you see him, hit him with all you got.

Lord Eonan drops the Blood-Cursed Band:

  • % Shadow Resistance
  • % Poison Resistance
  • + X Damage for 4 seconds after picking up a Blood Orb
  • + X Blood Orb Healing
  • + X Damage to Close Enemies

Dry Steppes Rare Enemy Locations

  1. Almuun
  2. Bhotak the Inevitable
  3. Pitiless Gur
  4. Zarozar the Mighty

Almuun is located on the far west side of the Dry Steppes along the Sacred Coast. The easiest way to get to it is fast traveling to Alzuuda and heading northwest up towards a barren part of the coast.

Almuun, Duke of the Shadow, seems like a difficult boss to defeat. A Shadow Balrog with its own name, it swings a giant sword. Deal some damage to it, however, and you’ll find that was all smoke and mirrors. Jebtaa, Bearer of the Blade, is the real Elite here. They call Shambling Corpses, Corpsefiends, and Wraiths to join them in battle.

Almuun drops the Infernal Edge:

  • Two Handed Slashing
  • + X Critical Strike damage
  • + X to all Stats
  • + X Damage to Injured enemies
  • Lucky Hit: Up to a X chance to Execute Injured non Elites
  • Empty Socket
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Bhotak the Inevitable

Bhotak the Inevitable, Beloved of Zagraal, hangs out east of the Onyx Watchtower Stronghold in the Khargai Crags. He’s a big ol’ demon, so he doesn’t quite blend in with the area, but there’s nothing else super important in the area.

As a waller and a teleporter, fighting Bhotak can be frustrating for a melee character. Ranged characters who can keep track of him and deal damage regardless of where he ends up will find combat easier. As a Barbarian, I used my Leap quite often to get to him.

Bhotak drops the Necklace of Inevitability:

  • % Resistance to all Elements
  • + X Critical Strike Chance against Injured enemies
  • % Damage Reduction while Injured
  • + X Healing Received
  • Empty Socket
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Pitiless Gur

To find Pitiless Gur, Heart of Ice, head to the Whispering Vault Dungeon in the southeast portion of the Chambatar Ridge area. He can be found in the pathway to the left of the dungeon path. I found this fight difficult due to my inability to dodge freeze efficiently, so keep on your toes. However, anyone who uses ranged attacks or can deal massive amounts of damage in a small amount of time will find him relatively easy to defeat.

Pitiless Gur drops Gur’s Freezing Armor:

  • + X Cold damage
  • % Cold resistance
  • + X Thorns
  • Empty Socket
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Zarozar the Mighty

Zarozar is in the southern portion of the Untamed Scarps, below the Champion’s Demise Dungeon. He’s a tough-hitting Elite with fast attacks but nothing too fancy. I didn’t find this fight too difficult, and I imagine you should be fine here.

Zarozar the Mighty drops the Bloodspiller’s Helm:

  • + X Damage while Berserking
  • +2 Ranks of Rupture (Barbarian only)
  • + X Life on kill
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Kehjistan Monster Locations

There’s only one extremely rare Elite enemy on the Trophy Hunter list in Kehjistan.

  1. Qiniel, masquerading as Priestess Qin
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Priestess Qin/Qiniel

Priestess Qin is in the southern portion of Kehjistan in Omath’s Redoubt. Heading west from the Denshar waypoint will be the fastest way to find her. She pretends to be a priestess, preaching to a small flock of devoted listeners in a clearing. To actually attack her, you’ll need to speak with her three times. Then she’ll reveal her true form as a Succubus.

Along with trying to stay out of her melee range, you’ll need to deal with Qiniel’s teleport and Shock attacks. Keep on her until she stops running. You’ll also have to deal with her crazed flock that she has under her spell.

Qiniel drops Qin’s Captivating Eye:

  • Very Fast Weapon – Rare Focus
  • % Cooldown Reduction
  • + X Lucky Hit Chance
  • Lucky Hit: Up to a X chance to Slow
  • + X Crowd Control Duration
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Hawezar Monster Locations

  1. Enkil
  2. Renn & Claudia Dayne
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Enkil, the Animated Statue, takes a bit of waiting to find. You’ll need to get into the swamps of Hawezar, which requires you to complete most of Act 5 to access. Once there, head to Bosun’s Woe in the Rotspill Delta. Look for a trio of cultists worshipping a statue. As you watch, the cultists are killed, and a green energy brings the statue to life. That’s Enkil in all her snakey glory.

Enkil does a lot of Poison damage in a small range near her, making it imperative to have a Barrier or Fortify if you’re a melee character. Avoid getting chained in place, and this will be an easy rare enemy fight.

Enkil drops the Eye of Enkil:

  • % Resistance to all Elements
  • + X Crowd Control duration
  • + X Damage for 4 seconds after kill an Elite
  • + X Shrine buff duration
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Renn Dayne & Claudia Dayne

Renn Dayne is located west of Wejinhani and a little north of the Pilgrim’s Cave. If you go through the cave, you’ll find them sitting in a barrier across the jump point. They were the hardest Elite on this list for me to spawn. No matter how many times I visited their location, they wouldn’t appear. If you find this happens, you’ll need to wait until the next day to try again.

Staying inside the barrier with Renn is the key to this fight. Use short-range or melee skills to knock their health down quickly. Once you defeat Renn, their angry ancestor Claudia shows up. Also in a barrier, she uses more short-ranged and melee attacks. Just get in there and beat her up to defeat her.

Renn and Claudia drop the Haunted Crossbow:

  • Slow Weapon – Crossbow (Rogue only)
  • + X Vulnerable damage
  • + X Shadow damage
  • + X Core Skill damage
  • + X Damage to Close enemies
  • Empty Socket
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Those are all the locations of the 15 extremely rare Elite monsters in Diablo 4, as well as some quick battle tips. They each have their own hidden rare item that drops, which can make them useful to farm once you complete the Trophy Hunter challenge. For more D4 locations, Stronghold walkthroughs, class builds, or how to beat World Bosses, check out our D4 guides hub.

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