Diablo 4: Can you play Offline? Answered

If you're looking to play without an internet connection here's what you need to know.

Diablo 4 is a massive game with hours of content. Delving into it all can be a time consuming endeavor, especially when you consider Seasons and additional content that’ll be implemented through the rest of the year. Playing offline, while on a road trip or camping where there’s no WiFi available, would help knock out some of that content. So, can you play D4 offline?

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Is Diablo 4 Playable Offline — Answered

Unfortunately for those with limited or intermittent internet service, D4 is an always online game. You can get random help during events, and can group up with your friends to take on quests together. There’s also two PvP zones on the map where you can duke it out against other players.

Even if you’re doing a solo only playthrough, you’ll see other players run past you during Helltides, when you portal into cities, or when you complete a Stronghold. Being constantly online also means that you’ll get all the updates and hotfixes instantly, regardless of location. You’ll be able to obtain any Twitch Drop rewards as well as make purchases in the shop.

While this feature has caused some to not purchase the game, or critique Blizzard’s decision, it doesn’t seem like they’ll be changing their mind anytime soon. With Season 1 coming at the end of July 2023 and the details of Seasons still unclear, keeping all players online to play Diablo 4 will most likely impact that.

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