Does open beta progress carry over to Diablo 4 when it fully releases, or will you have to start over?

Diablo 4: Does Open Beta Progress Carry Over?

Does open beta progress carry over to Diablo 4 when it fully releases, or will you have to start over?

The Diablo 4 open beta is underway, letting you try your hand at the first 25 levels of five of the game’s classes. You may be wondering whether open beta progress will carry over to full release, especially if you’ve found a class and build combo you particularly click with. Will Diablo 4 open beta progress carry over? Let’s find out.

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Does Open Beta Progress Carry Over for Diablo 4?

While progress from the Early Access weekend transferred to the open beta weekend, that’s the extent of carry over. Your characters ad progress will be wiped after the open beta. You won’t be able to carry over your open beta progress to the full release of Diablo 4.

This gives you the chance to find which class suits your play style and experience the game up to level 25 so you’ll know what you want to do at launch, but might be disappointing if you were hoping to hold onto what you’ve done so far.

The Diablo 4 open beta closes on March 27, and we have a growing catalog of content on our Diablo 4 guide page to help you throughout the weekend with tasks such as dealing with the Error Code 34202 and with the Ashava World Boss spawn times. After that, we’ll see you on June 6 for the full Diablo 4 release.

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