Diablo 4: How Lucky Hit Works and the Lucky Hit Formula

Lucky Hit offers additional benefits in battle.

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Lucky Hit is one of the new mechanics introduced in Diablo 4, causing some to wondering how Lucky Hit actually works. Present on various items of gear and weapons, it often comes with additional text. Separate from Critical Strike, Lucky Hit enhances battle mechanics in a new way. This is how Lucky Hit works in Diablo 4.

Lucky Hit in Diablo 4

Lucky Hit is an effect that triggers additional things in battle in D4. It can be found as part of skills, weapons, Druid Spirit Boons, Aspects and gear. There are a couple different aspects to Lucky Hit:

  • Lucky Hit Chance
  • Lucky Hit Effect

Lucky Hit Chance

Lucky Hit only has a chance to proc once it has been triggered. This is based off your Lucky Hit Chance. Each ability in the game has an innate Lucky Hit Chance percentage. In order to see this number on the tooltip you need to turn it on.

  • Navigate to Options.
  • Go to Gameplay.
  • Check the box for Advanced Tooltip Information.

Now you’ll be able to see the percent each of your assigned skills has to trigger a Lucky Hit Effect. This base Lucky Hit Chance percent is often referred to as a proc coefficient in other similar games. There are some items in Diablo 4 that boost your Lucky Hit Chance. An equipped ring may give you +5% Lucky Hit Chance.

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Lucky Hit Effect

The Lucky Hit Effect is what we see in game on gear, Legendary Aspects, and skills. It’s what occurs when a Lucky hit procs. In addition to having a Lucky Hit Effect, you also need to be able to trigger it. At one point I had a Lucky Hit effect that triggered off of using Leap, Whirlwind or Upheaval, but I had none of those skills equipped. In this situation, my high Lucky Hit Chance had no effect.

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Diablo 4 Lucky Hit Effect Chance Formula

To figure out your full chance of having the Lucky Hit Effect proc, you’ll want to use this formula.

  • Lucky Hit Effect Chance = Skill’s Lucky Hit Chance X Percent chance listed in the Lucky Hit Effect X (1+ [Lucky Hit Chance Bonus + Lucky Hit Chance Bonus])

Here I’ve worked up an example. Using the Rend’s base Lucky Hit Chance of 34% shown in the first image, the 30% chance from Pressure Point as seen in the second, and a ring granting an additional 5%, we can work up the following formula to find out the actual proc chance of applying Vulnerable on my Rend:

Lucky Hit Effect Chance = .34 X .30 X (1+.05)

This means my Lucky Hit Effect Chance of Pressure Point is 10.7% each time I use my Core skill.

While this may seem like a lower chance than you want, you’re not limited to only having one Lucky Hit ability at a time. Each skill, weapon and jewelry could all have Lucky Hit Effects if you wanted. Of course, the higher the chance of proccing the Lucky Hit, the more often you get to reap its benefits. You’ll need to experiment with the build and gear that best works for you and your playstyle. For help on builds, Legendary Aspects, other battle mechanics and more, check out our Diablo 4 guide library.

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