Diablo 4: How to Build Storm Wolf Druid

Rain lightning from the sky with this Diablo 4 Druid build.

If you’re in need of a strong, killing machine Druid build, the Diablo 4 Storm Wolf Druid is the one for you. Inspired by the build on IcyVeins, this turns your Druid into a permanent Werewolf. This is an endgame build, reliant on Unique items in order to function.

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Storm Wolf Druid Build

So what exactly is a Storm Wolf build for Druid?

The Storm Wolf Druid focuses on:

  • Using Storm Strike, Hurricane, and Cataclysm to deal massive amounts of damage.
  • Using Blood Howl and Earthen Bulwark help keep you healthy.

Storm Wolf Druid Unique Items

The following Unique items are necessary to make the Storm Wolf Druid work. Without these, you won’t be able to turn into the killing machine as you hoped.

  • Tempest Roar
  • Greatstaff of the Crone
  • Mad Wolf’s Glee

As a side note, the Druid loot table is currently bugged, causing Barbarian items to drop instead of certain Druid items.

If you find yourself dropping health too fast, you can add into your build Melted Heart of Selig.

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Storm Wolf Druid Skills

  • Base: Storm Strike, Enhanced Storm Strike, Wild Storm Strike, Claw, Enhanced Claw, Wild Claw
  • Core: Heart of the Wild, Abundance, Predatory Instinct
  • Defensive: Earthen Bulwark, Enhanced Earthen Bulwark, Preserving Earthen Bulwark, Ancestral Fortitude, Blood Howl, Enhanced Blood Howl, Preserving Blood Howl
  • Wrath: Elemental Exposure, Endless Tempest, Hurricane, Enhanced Hurricane, Savage Hurricane
  • Ultimate: Cataclysm, Prime Cataclysm, Supreme Cataclysm, Defiance
  • Key Passives: Earthen Might

Storm Wolf Druid Legendary Aspects

  • Rapid Aspect
  • Edgemaster’s Aspect
  • Mighty Storm’s Aspect
  • Vigorous Aspect
  • Stormshifter’s Aspect
  • Aspect of the Tempest
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Storm Wolf Druid Spirit Boons

  • Calamity from Wolf
  • Scythe Talons from Eagle
  • Gift of the Stag from Deer
  • Calm Before the Storm from Snake
  • Swooping Attacks from Eagle (As your Spirit Bonding bonus)

How to Play a Storm Wolf Druid

Playing a Storm Wolf Druid is a matter of maintaining Hurricane for as long as possible. Use Claw to get Storm Strike going and generate your Spirit while Hurricane is running. Use Earthen Bulwark to buff your defenses and Blood Howl to heal you. Cataclysm is used to finish off large numbers of mobs, especially if Hurricane is on cooldown.

That’s how to build and play a Storm Wolf Druid in Diablo 4. One of the best Druid builds, you’ll need the Unique items listed earlier in order to make it work. For more class builds, or how to farm for endgame materials, check out our D4 guide hub.

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