Diablo 4: How to Complete the Barbarian Class Quest Masters of Battle

Wondering how to complete Masters of Battle Barbarian Quest in Diablo 4? Here's what to do.

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The Diablo 4 Barbarian Class Quest Masters of Battle has you heading to the city of Ked Bardu in the Dry Steppes. It becomes available once you hit Level 15 with the class, and you’ll need to complete the quest to progress your weapon masteries. Our walkthrough guide below tells you how to complete the Masters of Battle quest in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Barbarian Class Masters of Battle Quest Walkthrough

You’ll find the D4 Masters of Battle quest in the desert city is of Ked Bardu, northwest of Kyovashad. If you’ve already found Lothar the second time around, this is the same city he was in.

Once there, you’ll need to find Forgemaster Gerti, who hangs out with the Blacksmith and Armor Merchant just south of the fast travel mark. There’s no direct way to them, so take the path to the right of the teleport point, then head down and to the left to find them.

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Forgemaster Gerti explains that there’s a way for you to join the Oxen Tribe instead of being tribeless. To do so, you’ll need to find Katra just outside the northern portion of town. While passing through town to find Katra, I suggest picking up the Thieves’ Famine quest, too, as the location you’ll be heading to for the trial is the same as Thieves’ Famine.

Where to Find Katra in the Masters of Battle Quest

You’ll find Katra north of the eastern city entrance. She’s waiting above the ridge that looks like a C. Once you find her, she’ll give you the trial: kill 30 bandits and 20 creatures.

Something I was happy to see is that Katra will follow you and help slay enemies, making the trial shorter than it normally would be. Creatures in the area include the large Beast and Plains Hornet. If you head up a small path and run into Plague Maggots, they won’t count towards your creature total as Katra stops following you when you go up the path.

If you have the Thieves’ Famine quest, you’ll see Stolen Supplies dropping from the slain bandits.

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How to Find the Diablo 4 Masters of Battle Quest Cave

When you’ve killed the required number of creatures and bandits, Katra will instruct you to find a cave. Depending on where you are, the cave could be near or far, but it will be north of Ked Bardu. The best landmark to look out for is a lot of dead bodies outside the cave.

Katra explains that a horrific beast has slain the people there and needs to be put down. As the last part of your trial, you’ll be heading in alone.

Inside the cave, the beast makes its den after a short passage. Once it gets a glimpse of you, it will charge, so be ready to dodge away from it. Known as the Beast of the Steppes, it’s an Elite enemy that can scare you away. When I battled it, I just brute-force beat it down while keeping an eye on my health. So while dangerous, it doesn’t require any special skills of weapons to defeat the beast.

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After the beast is slain, collect its head to prove the deed is done and head back to Katra. She’ll give her approval and send you back to Forgemaster Gerti. In Ked Bardu, you’ll be welcomed into the Oxen Tribe, given a crest of the tribe forged in the Great Forge, and the quest is completed.

Barbarian Class Masters of Battle Quest Rewards

You’ll obtain the Bone Helm of the Beast:

  • 232 Item Power
  • 290 Armor
  • 2.5% Damage while Berserking
  • 1.8% Cooldown Reduction
  • +10 Intelligence

Along with the rare helmet, you’ll receive 1,020 gold and 6,370 XP. You can now set and use weapon techniques as part of your class unlock for completing Masters of Battle. This allows you to decide what weapon a skill uses if it states any arsenal weapon, giving you expertise for that skill.

That’s how to complete the Barbarian Class Quest Masters of Battle in Diablo 4. For more walkthroughs and tips, check out the rest of our D4 guides.

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