Diablo 4: How to Complete the Bound by Blood Side Quest

Here's how to complete the Bound by Blood side quest in Diablo 4, and the rewards.

Diablo 4 side quest bound by blood Guard Cvetko location
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The Diablo 4 Bound by Blood side quest puts you in the middle of some family drama during the apocalypse. Completing side quests like this one will bring you rewards but also insight into the lives of the common folk of Sanctuary. It starts in Margrave with townsperson Lacthan asking for help finding his brother, Perithan. Here’s our complete guide to help you complete the Bound by Blood side quest in D4.

Diablo 4 Bound by Blood Side Quest Walkthrough

After picking up Bound by Blood in Margrave from Lacthan, you’ll learn that Perithan is being blamed for some merchants getting attacked by bandits. You’ll need to inquire around town about Perithan’s whereabouts. I quickly learned that Perithan is not very well-liked, but alas, I took an oath to help Lacthan.

Here’s what you need to do.

  • Speak to Priest Matvey: directly across from Lacthan. 
  • Speak to Meridan: directly in front of the town waypoint.
  • Speak to Guard Cvetko: directly behind Lacthan in the house.
Diablo 4 Bound by Blood Perithan's last known location and Bandit Hideout map guide.
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Perithan’s Last Know Location

Unfortunately, none of these NPCs have any idea where Perithan could be, so you and Lacthan decide to investigate where the merchants were ambushed for clues.

  • Go to Perithan’s last known location east of town (marked on the map above).
  • Investigate the area for clues, interacting with the Bandit Corspe, Barrel, and Merchant Corpse that lay near the bonfire. 

Where to Find the Bandit Camp in Bound by Blood

Now you’ll need to find the bandit hideout in Sinner’s Chase, which requires a small journey to the east, then down a southern path. I encountered a few groups of enemies on the way, so get ready to fight your way through this quest.

  • Go to the Bandit Hideout south of the ambush (marked on the map above).
  • Enter the Hideout. There will, of course, be some bandits to fight throughout the dungeon, so be prepared.

How to Find the Door Key in the Bandit Hideout

Diablo 4 Bound by Blood locked door and key location in the bandit hideout.
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  • Follow the path to the right to locate a locked door (on the map above).
  • Once you reach the locked door, head to the right of it and follow the path to the end. There, you’ll find a Smuggler’s Pack lying on the ground with the door key in it. There will be a group of enemies to fight in this area.
  • Open the Smuggler’s Pack and grab the key, then head back to open the door.
Diablo 4 Bound by Blood Perithan location in the Bandit Hideout map guide.
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  • Follow the path and stay to the left until you encounter the second fork, then go right to reach Perithan’s location (marked on the map above).
  • Once you enter the final area, you’ll see Perithan lying on the ground. Talk to Perithan, and the mini-boss battle will begin. You’ll fight an Outlaw Sharpshooter. 
How to Beat the Sharpshooter in the Bound for Blood Side Quest
Diablo 4 Bound by Blood Outlaw Sharpshooter mini-boss battle.
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The Outlaw Sharpshooter will attack you with a ranged crossbow, lay down bear traps, and create damaging red pools on the ground. If you step into the red pools, you’ll become nearsighted and vulnerable. The red pools will also send out damaging projectiles. I didn’t find the fight too challenging and stuck to my ranged abilities to best avoid his traps.

  • Once you slay the Outlaw Sharpshooter, you’ll need to speak with Perithan to complete the quest.
  • You’ll overhear the two brothers come to terms with Perithan’s choices, and Lacthan will thank you for your help. 

Completing the Bound by Blood side quest rewards you +20 Fractured Peaks Renown, an item Cache, and gold and XP tailored to your level.

That’s how to complete the Bound by Blood side quest in Diablo 4. Now you have a little more Renown, some items, and some XP. For more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs, check out our Diablo 4 guides hub here.

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